April 22, 2019

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Diamond in the Rough: Paul Phillips, University Lab High School

Paul Phillips is a 6’3 260lb Center from University Lab High School in Baton Rouge, LA. Paul is very physical and powerful at the point of attack and finishes off blocks really well. He has great size, a good frame and uses his hands well to get inside leverage. He maintains his blocks and drives defenders downfield. “Mean Streak” type player who can block in space and get to the next man or level on a screen. Paul was selected to 1st team All-district and 1st team All-metro for his Junior season.


Height: 6’3

Weight: 260

Bench: 225

Squat: 375

GPA: 3.0


Check out his highlight film:



When did you start playing football?

I started playing football ever since I was about 5 years old. I played for an all-star team, we were called the Jaguars.


What do you love about football?

I love football, I love the brotherhood of it and the feeling like a family. I also love the contact, being able to hit people, and bringing people to the ground to finish the play.


What are your strengths?

One of my strengths would be how I bring leadership to the offensive line. I can pick up my teammate if a mistake is made. I always put the work in and go the extra mile.


How do you feel spring practice went for you?

My spring, I feel like I did well. The team hasn’t left off from last season. We still are a very good football team. I get to practice against the best defensive line with players like Donald Berniard, Jaquelin Roy and playing against them makes me a better player.


What kind of things have you been working on this off-season to improve on?

Some things I’ve been working on are my hips, my speed, trying to get stronger, and finish blocks more often. And also, I’ve been trying to get my weight up.


After winning a championship last season, teams will want to beat you even more. Are you using that as motivation for the season?

Without a doubt, we all know we have a target on our backs. We all are looking forward to go out there and try to win another championship. In practice we always say how hard we need to work so we can go back to back. So yeah, we are using it as motivation for the season.


What would your coach say about you?

He can always put me in to push lineman back more, or to call on me to get that extra yard. He would say that he can always count on me to get that final play to win the game.


Do you see more 3-4 or 4-3 defensives?

In district I see more of a 4-3, but in the playoffs more of a 3-4 defense.


What kind of mindset does it take to play center?

You have to know what everyone is doing. Basically, got to know every position of the line. Center is the QB of the offensive line.


What would you want to major in while in college?

Business and Finance


Twitter account: @paulphillips247