December 15, 2018

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A Look in to the Future: Northshore Panthers

This year at LGF, we will be taking a look at the senior class of some Louisiana high schools and taking a look at their potential to play at the next level. Categories for each position are measured on a 1-10 scale, with 10 being well above average and 1 being well below average. We continue with the senior class of Northshore High school.


Jeremiah McDonald FS 6-3 195lbs


I love McDonald’s size especially for a safety. He’s not scared to play in the box but has the athleticism to play deep safety. Tight hips when covering but he’s bigger or as big as most receivers, which helps his coverage skills. Dual sport athlete (basketball). Future Outlook: Starter at D2 school, could play for some D1 schools.


Mikell Harvey CB 5-9 160lbs


Quick twitch athlete that uses his speed to his advantage. Sometimes gets caught looking in the backfield but makes up for it with speed. Despite size, he’s a pretty sure tackler. Special teams player a plus. Future Outlook: D3 player. Small for corner, but speed plays.

Khalil Fleming CB/RS 6-0 170lbs


Plays opposite side of Harvey for Northshore on the left side, usually reserved for #1 corner. Good size/speed for corner. Returns punts. Can tackle. Coverage technique needs work but that will come with more coaching. Future Outlook: I like fleming and think he could possibly play D1 but more likely D2.

Heath Panks Jr. DL 6-2 250lbs


Wins at LOS with speed and strength. Plays DT for Northshore but would be better suited on the edge or DE. Size will be disadvantage if he stays at DT. Play recognition is outstanding. Future Outlook: D2 Defensive end, low end D1 defensive end.

Roderick Wright WR 5-11 155lbs


Plays mostly inside at WR Agility and route running plays better inside with more room to operate. Does not have blazing speed but does have god short area quickness. Willing blocker. Future Outlook: With more polished route running and more strength, he could play at the next level. D3/D2

Seth Baker OL 61-0 220lbs


A mauler on the left side of the line. Played tackle and guard but better suited as a guard. Strong, aggressive run blocker. Team likes to run to his side and he usually makes a hole for his running backs. Versatility a plus. Future Outlook: I like Baker and think he has the toughness to play at a D1 school. With the right coaching and technique, he can be a player.

Walter Harris QB 6-1 200lbs


Big, strong kid. Looks more like a running back than a QB on some plays. Hard to tackle and bring down with just one player. Arm strength is decent. Good athlete but technique needs work. Future Outlook: Needs coaching to be a QB but can definitely play running back at the next level.

Ethan Swann TE 6-0 190lbs


Good hands. Hard to tackle. Size and strength are an advantage when lined up against corners and safeties. OK speed. Good with the ball in his hands in the open field. Wins one on ones. OK blocking. Future Outlook: D2 TE, routes need work but has a good base for coaches to mold.

Marcque Sims-Ingram WR 5-8 160lbs


Size is an issue but is a willing blocker. Good special teams player. Can tackle. Has some speed and agility. Future Outlook: D3 special teams player.

Cole Cavallo OLB/TE 6-2 210lbs


True OLB. Sets the edge against the run. Has the speed to make plays when hes the backside defender. Good blitzer and can cover RB’s on shallow routes. Good in zone coverage. Tight hips on man coverage. Plays offense, good athlete. Future Outlook: D2 OLB, possible D1 for some programs.

Players with no film:

Stanley Taylor

Beaux Gaines

Nick Morgan

Gus Finney

Gabe Paretti

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