January 20, 2019

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A Look into the Future: Denham Springs High

This year at LGF, we will be taking a look at the senior class of some Louisiana high schools and taking a look at their potential to play at the next level. Categories for each position are measured on a 1-10 scale, with 10 being well above average and 1 being well below average. We continue with the senior class of Denham Springs High school.


Hunter Scott S/DB 5-11 170lbs


Listed as a safety but plays in the box most plays. Good tackler. Playmaker that moves around the defense a lot. Doesn’t cover much but is fine when he does. Future Outlook: D2 prospect


Tyre Golmund RB 5-9 175lbs


Good breakaway speed. Hits the hole quickly and is strong for frame. Can run between the tackles but Denham likes to run a lot of sweeps and outside zones to use Golmund’s speed. Future Outlook: Good speed and change of direction. Reminds me of ex-LSU star, Trindon Holiday.


Kyle Caltagirone      6-3 160lbs


Good size to cover receivers and to tackle. Speed will be an issue in man coverage. Stiff movements when covering but makes plays. Would like to see him at safety. Future Outllook: D3 safety


Justin Anderson CB/RB 510 170lbs


Has good speed. Decent size. Not afraid to come to the LOS to make a tackle. Speed is a weapon on offense and special teams. Athletic ability covers up technique when playing corner. Possible RB prospect with good vision. Future Outlook: D3 corner, D2 RB


Cameron Feucht QB 510 170lbs


Pocket QB. Average arm strength. Shows good anticipation on most throws. Good touch on intermediate/deep throws. Enough athleticism to move out of pocket and extend plays. Future Outlook: D3 QB


Tyron Riley CB 5-11 140lbs


Decent size but needs to put on weight. Plays mostly off coverage. Decent speed. Good tackler. Future Outlook: Not enough tape


Bennett Judice S/CB 5-11 150lbs


Good tackler. Plays better when closer to the LOS. Can cover WRs but better suited for slot/safety. Tight hips when in coverage. Sheds blocks really well for a DB. Future Outlook: D2 safety


Elijah Tolliver LB 6-0 220lbs


Leader on defense. Very aggressive tackler. Uses hands well to defeat blockers. Big hitter when squared up. Moves very well, coverage needs some work. Vision and play recognition are excellent. Future Outlook: D1/D2 linebacker


Zach Harris OL 6-4 260lbs


Strong run blocker who finishes his blocks. Decent foot work for Pass-Pro. Very athletic. Lead blocks and can pull when asked. Consistently reaches 2nd level on blocks and finishes. Future Outlook: D1/D2 OL


Ray Whitley WR 5-6 135lbs


Average size. Good hands. Perfect slot receiver where he has more space to use his short area quickness. Willing blocker. OK speed. Runs multiple routes. Future Outlook: FBS/D2 receiver


Jack Hunt DE 6-0 185lbs


Struggles against bigger lineman. Does not have good size. Tight hips when trying to turn the corner around OL. Average tackler. Future Outlook: Possible move to OL into the future.


Watson Farber DT 6-0 280lbs


Run-stopping, two-gap DT. Takes multiple lineman to block. Will need to develop more pass rushing skills to play 3rd down/obvious passing downs. Good play recognition. Future Outlook: D3


Tyler Hoover 6-2 205lbs


Good hands and athleticism. Can split out wide or play in-line TE. OK blocker that needs work. Runs multiple routes/plays. Decent speed and good size. Future Outlook: FBS/D2 TE


No/not enough film:

Dorsett Washington

Michael Green

Patrick Holwager

Detravious Maghee

Dennis Schofield

Austin Dunaway

Devin Fourmaux

Nick Smith

Jared Frost

Patrick Mack

Brandon Babb

Jakob Guidry

Dalton Willis

Kahleen Bates

Kaleb Pipes