July 23, 2019

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A Look into the Future: Edna Karr Cougars

This year at LGF, we will be taking a look at the senior class of some Louisiana high schools and taking a look at their potential to play at the next level. Categories for each position are measured on a 1-10 scale, with 10 being well above average and 1 being well below average. We continue with the senior class of the Edna Karr Cougars.


Sheldon Calestine OLB 6-1 195lbs


Good speed. He is able to diagnose plays quickly. Does not cover much but when he does, its usually in zone. Rushes the passer well when blitzing. Maneuvers around blocks as opposed to taking them on head-on. Special teams player is a plus. Future Outlook: D3 OLB


Skyler Perry QB 6-3 200lbs


Decent arm. Mobile QB that is able to manipulate the pocket and extend plays. Good speed when scrambling. Long release that will need to be shortened if he wants to play at the next level. Accuracy is fine and will improve with better mechanics. Future Outlook: D3 QB


Quindell Johnson S 6-0 175lbs


Do-it-all safety. Attacks the run and pass with aggression. Playmaker. Constantly around the ball. Play recognition and speed stands out on tape. Can cover receivers and tight ends. Very versatile. Will play at next level. Future Outlook: D1 Safety


Chance Carroll CB 6-2 173lbs


Plays all over the field. Can play safety, linebacker or corner. Sure tackler with decent speed. Size allows him to slow down receivers at the line and make plays on the ball. Stiff hips when turning in and out of breaks. Future Outlook: FCS/D2 CB


Kendell Johnson OLB 5-9 175lbs


Listed as an OLB but he’s more of a slot CB. Plays bigger than he is and isn’t scared to lay the run. Has good speed and uses it to blitz and to break on the ball when covering. Future Outlook: FCS/D2 CB


Jamier Jackson DE 6-2 220lbs


Big kid. Uses his hands well for a high school athlete. Beats most tackles with a speed rush and does not really use any other pass rushing moves because he hasn’t had to. Will eventually need to add more pass rushing moves. Future Outlook: D1/D2 DL


Tyree Jones OL 6-0 263lbs


Quick and agile. Struggles with bigger DL but can hold his own. Needs to work on getting his pad level lower. Can get to the next level on his blocks. Future Outlook: D3 OL


Delano Smothers OL 5-10 300lbs


Plays G/C where he can use his strength in smaller areas. Agile enough to get to linebackers and safeties when pulling or lead blocking. Technique needs work. Future Outlook: D3 OL


Ronell Burbank DL 6-2 250lbs


Has good size but needs to lower pad level to be more effective. Mostly run-stuffing DL. Future Outlook: D3 DL