April 22, 2019

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A Look into the Future: Jena Giants

This year at LGF, we will be taking a look at the senior class of some Louisiana high schools and taking a look at their potential to play at the next level. Categories for each position are measured on a 1-10 scale, with 10 being well above average and 1 being well below average. We continue with the senior class of the Jena Giants.


Lamar Farris QB 6-1 180lbs


Dual-threat QB. Strong, accurate arm, especially when rolling out of the pocket. Very good speed. Will have to get bigger/stronger but that shouldn’t be a problem. Future Outlook: D1/FCS QB


Chico Savage RB 5-8 180lbs


Good speed. Runs away from the defense. Not the biggest guy but is able to avoid big hits for the most part. Not afraid to run between the tackles. Future Outlook: D2 RB


D.J. Major DB 5-7 156lbs


Plays deep safety but also can come down into the box for run support. Makes plays and is constantly around the ball. Think it will be tough for him against bigger WR’s. Future Outlook: D3 DB


Tanner Gahn 6-0 175lbs


Competes to the whistle. Willing and able tackler. Needs to get stronger. Special teams player. Future Outlook: D3 LB/ST


Daniel Curry MLB 5-9 185lbs


Looks like a safety that plays LB. Is able to diagnose play quickly. Good tackler. Future Outlook: D3 Safety


Hunter Nolan OL 6-5 320lbs


Big, strong and is tough for any DL. Excels in run blocking. Moves lineman out of the way on run blocking. Strong enough to have just OK technique in Pass pro. Footwork and technique need some work. Future Outlook: FCS/D2 OL


Jaray Jenkins WR 6-2 173lbs


Good hands. Good size and is able to shield the ball on routes over the middle. Also can out jump DB’s in a jump ball situation. Good speed. Routes need work. Also plays safety and is a solid tackler. Future Outlook: D1 WR