July 23, 2019

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A Look into the Future: St. Amant Gators

This year at LGF, we will be taking a look at the senior class of some Louisiana high schools and taking a look at their potential to play at the next level. Categories for each position are measured on a 1-10 scale, with 10 being well above average and 1 being well below average. We continue with the senior class of the St. Amant Gators.


Hector Rodriguez WR 6-1 176lbs


Good size and uses it to his advantage. Boxes out corners and out jumps them for the ball. Good hands and decent route running. OK speed but size makes up for it. Future Outlook: D2 WR


Ben Parker S 5-7 151lbs


Good coverage skills. Decent tackler. Size is a disadvantage when covering tight-ends/bigger receivers. Not afraid to tackle but mostly plays deep safety or coverage over receivers. Future Outlook: D3 DB


Tate Broussard WR 5-11 150lbs


Decent hands. Speed is an issue. Good blocker. Uses his size to attack the ball in the air. Future Outlook: D3 WR


Halen Miller QB 6-3 187lbs


Good athlete, able to escape the pressure in the pocket. Good speed when running the option. Arm strength makes up for poor mechanics. Does not always step into his throws but when he does he can make every throw. Needs to work on footwork. Accurate when throwing on the run. Future Outlook: FBS/D2 QB


Cade Nelson RB 5-9 174lbs


Good feet and vision, he is able to see cutback lanes before they form. Patience when letting his blocks set up but does not hesitate to hit the hole. Tough to bring down on first contact. Can catch out of the backfield. Pass blocking will be a challenge at his size. Future Outlook: FBS/D2 RB, possible D1 in right scheme


Grant Alexander WR 6-1 160lbs


God size, especially useful on short/intermediate routes to box out corners and to break tackles. Surprising speed to be able to run away from the defense. Good hands. Comes back to the ball when making the catch. Future Outlook: FBS/D2 receiver


Jacob Furlow DL 6-2 257lbs


Uses good hand placement to defeat and shed blocks. Good at stopping the run. Needs to work on getting off the snap faster. Pass rushing skills OK. Future Outlook: D3 DL


Karl Mires OL 6-0 240lbs


Good size and strength. Needs to work on technique to compensate for lack of athleticism/ Future Outlook: D3 OL


Luke Ory OL 6-3 260lbs


Strong, good size and decent athleticism. Stance needs some work to allow a faster reaction when the ball is snapped. Good as a one on one pass blocker. Uses his hands well. Future Outlook: D2/FBS OL


Brandon Thomassie OT 5-11 200lbs


Good athleticism, is able to reach his blocks when pulling. Good run blocker, especially as lead blocker. Future Outlook: D3 OL


Colton King LB 5-11 185lbs


Smart player and is able to diagnose plays well. Do-it-all LB, can cover, play the run and rush the passer. Not the biggest player but makes sure tackles. Speed is an asset. Size may hold him back. Maybe safety? Future Outlook: D2 Safety


Collier Ricks WR 6-2 160lbs


Good size. Does not run many route combinations but is effective in the ones that he does run. Decent hands and speed. Uses size to his advantage. Future Outlook: D2 WR