January 20, 2019

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Sean Payton Adrian Peterson

I wrote earlier this month that I had high hopes the acquisition of Adrian Peterson would help get the Saints to the Super Bowl this season, but as you know it started off rough with the “look” and  sideline dialog he directed at Coach Payton at the beginning of the season. I felt  the team just needed to settle in and give him time to find his place. Although he didn’t do anything spectacular, with just 27 carries for 81 yards over his first four games, that seemed to be happening but then suddenly POOF! he is gone…….. traded to Arizona. The two teams announced the trade today, and NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported the Cardinals are sending the Saints a conditional 2018 sixth-rounder in the deal.  Peterson reportedly texted  “I’m so ecstatic” following the trade .(Hmm) Peterson has openly displayed his unhappiness in New Orleans. Perhaps it was a two way street.

The good news is that the Saints seem to be getting it together with a now 2 and 2 record for the season. They face the Lions on the 15th so lets keep our fingers crossed.

Post Script: As some of you now know I am a  Green Bay Packers share holder.  As they play the Saints on the 22nd and my wife is an avid Saints fan, I may be looking for couch……..