January 15, 2019

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Back on Track: Shaq Lewis

Coach Bryson and I got to interview Shaq Lewis, a Louisiana College legend, and he told us about his story after college and his fight to stay healthy. Shaq was a three-year starter at safety for LC and in 2014, his senior season at LC, he broke the school’s interception record on his way to a 1st team All-ASC selection. He ended up getting an invite to camp with the Calgary Stampeders of the Canadian Football League but he turned it down to pursue his NFL goals. After sitting out the 2015 season with no NFL offers, he was ready to get back into football. Shaq was able to reconnect with Coach Brian Wallace, who was the LC defensive coordinator during Shaq’s time there, who is now at Nichols State about getting to perform at a Pro day.


“Coach Wallace was able to talk to the scouts about letting me attend a pro day. My agent was already getting some interest in six or seven NFL teams but they really needed to see me play,” Shaq said. “The scouts said it was okay for me to go to the Pro day, so and that was in 2016. I had the pro day at the Saint’s facility and my first 40, I tore my hamstring. Everything else was good. My vertical was pretty good, I had a 40” vert and long jump was good but my first 40 tore my hamstring.”

Even after getting hurt at his pro day, he still had interest from the Edmonton Eskimos and they invited him to camp. Unfortunately he wasn’t fully healthy and wasn’t able to participate in camp. He trained all summer with Traction sports in Baton Rouge in hopes of playing football again. While at Traction Sports, who trains multiple NFL players during the offseason and is owned by ex LSU and NFL player Ryan Clark, Shaq was able to get the attention of a few Canadian League teams again.


“The Saskatchewan football team worked me out and traction and invited me to camp. First couple of days at mini-camp I was killing it, caught a couple of interceptions playing safety. The last day of practice, which was Saturday, about halfway through the practice I strained my hamstring. They cut me. I just remember thinking ‘oh no not again’ what do I have to do to get past these hamstring problems.”


Shaq went back to Traction and got some advice from ex-Saint, Tracy Porter, who told him that he should see a chiropractor about his health issues. Shaq found out that his back and other things were out of alignment and that made his hamstrings have to overcompensate for the rest of his body. At only 24 years old, Shaq is fully healthy and ready to get back to playing. He is not opposed to playing in Canada or the Arena league so he can put his play on tape for all pro teams to see. He understands that teams are worried that he may be injury-prone but says he isn’t worried about it at all.


“Yea I know some teams might think I’m injury-prone but I can’t worry about that. I work hard and I’m 100% right now. I train with some of the best players in NFL every off-season and I know how to take care of my body now. I’m ready, I just need a team to give me a chance,” Shaq said. “I have faith, I know I can play. I’ve been to camps and scouts have seen me play. I’m just going to stay ready and wait for that call.”


You can follow Shaq on twitter @Shaq_Lewis22.

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