January 15, 2019

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Battle on the Bluff: Southern Jaguars Defeat South Carolina State Bulldogs

Jaguar Nation is in full effect as college football has sprung back into action in A.W. Mumford Stadium! Today’s Battle on the Bluff was a one of a kind experience as 10,000 plus Southern fans gathered to fire up their grills, dance along to the Human Jukebox and ultimately poured into the stands to cheer their Jaguars on in a great season opener. There were all around great vibes to say the least! Southern Jaguars and South Carolina State Bulldogs squared off and left it all on the field as conference bragging rights were on the line today. The MEAC has held the lead in the series with a 9-2 record since 2005 but the Southern Jaguars hold the two SWAC wins and have yet to lose in that match-up. Prior to today, the MEAC/SWAC Challenge had never been battled out on a campus but had always been held at a neutral site but what a plus for the Jaguars to take the win in their stadium. In addition to this, today’s game was special for the Jags because it was televised live at 1:30 p.m. CT on ESPN2 and the Jaguars offered up their respects and support to the Hurricane Harvey victims as well before kickoff.

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Southern Jaguars’ quarterback, Austin Howard, started the game off a little rocky with multiple incomplete passes but once he switched it up and the Jags found some openings, they were ready to pounce onto the scoreboard. Running back, Devon Benn put fans on their feet when he rushed for 27 yards scoring the first touchdown of the game for the Jaguars. Then, Cesar Barajas followed up with a sharp foot for a successful kick attempt. The Jaguar’s defense did a great job of preventing the Bulldogs from scoring a touchdown in the first quarter but the Bulldogs still managed to score a field goal from the 37-yard line. Therefore, ending the first quarter with the Jaguars in the lead with 7 points and the Bulldogs left with 3 points.


As the Jags took on the second quarter, quarterback Austin Howard completed a pass to Devon Benn for 33 yards putting Southern in the perfect position to score. Directly after, Austin Howard maneuvered his way through the Bulldogs’ defense with a 7-yard rush earning the Jaguars their second touchdown of the game and granting them an 11-point lead. The score was now Jaguars 14 and Bulldogs 3, when defensive end Aaron Tiller stepped up with a huge sack to the Bulldogs’ quarterback, Dewann Ford Jr. Shortly after, a killer 27-yard pass by Austin Howard was received by Dontrell Brown giving Southern the first down that they needed. With less than two minutes left on the clock in the second quarter, defensive back Jamar Mitchell broke up a worrisome pass heading over to Quan Caldwell that could have given the Bulldogs a touchdown the Jaguars couldn’t afford. As halftime hit and the Human Jukebox took the field, the Jaguars held their lead ending the first half of the Battle on the Bluff game with Jaguars 14 to the Bulldogs 6.


Cesar Barajas kicked the Jaguars into the third quarter of game but it appeared now that the Bulldogs were ready to put up a fight to win by having a 46-yard rush. Jaguars’ defense quickly shut the Bulldogs down when Jamar Mitchell leaped into action for an awesome interception at the 5-yard line. However, the Bulldogs retaliated by knocking the ball loose from the Jaguars and recovering the fumble, earning them a safety. What a battle! As the third quarter came to an end, the Jaguars still held the lead but by less than before with 14 for the Jags and 8 for the Bulldogs.


If it was ever needed before, the Jaguars’ defense would have to be a powerhouse going into the fourth quarter if they wished to hold the Bulldogs off and push through for a win. Both teams put up a fight in this quarter, defensive back Montavius Gaines showed out when he caused wide receiver Trey Samuel to fumble. With less than two minutes left on the clock and the Jaguars being up by only 4 points, the ball was in the Bulldogs’ hand when Darryl Lavigne stepped in to break up a pass that would have granted South Carolina State the lead. DEFENSE, the crowd screamed! It was now fourth down with 8 yards to go and 22 seconds left on the clock and of course the Bulldogs would try for a touchdown but Danny Johnson killed that dream when he knocked down Ford’s final pass. Game over! Jaguars win!


The Southern University Jaguars put up a fight today for the Battle on the Bluff against South Carolina State in A.W. Mumford Stadium. Ultimately, the Jaguars held the South Carolina State Bulldogs to scoring field goals and a safety. Therefore, today’s game was a true defensive battle for both teams with the Southern Jaguars coming out on top. GO JAGUARS!



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