July 23, 2019

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Diamond In The Rough: Andrew Robison

Recently Hahnville quarterback had his eligibility reinstated and won his arbitration case against the LHSAA. Making him available to play for the Tigers’ final regular season game. Robison had previously been ruled ineligible for his entire senior year, Hahnville Head Coach Saltaformaggio served a four game suspension and the school was fined $2,500 by the LHSAA for alleged recruitment violations of Robison from his former school Vandebilt Catholic.

In Robison’s first game back for the Tigers he went 13-of-18 for 161 yards and threw two touchdowns, his third touchdown of 43-yards was negated by penalty. The 6′ quarterback has a strong arm and quick release. He has the ability to move safeties with his eyes in the pocket and has a high football I.Q.

Height: 6’0

Weight: 192

Bench: 225

Squat: 295

GPA: 3.4


When did you start playing football?

When I was eight or nine in pee wee football.

Where you always the quarterback or did you play any other positions?

I played running back, linebacker and quarterback when I was younger. But when I got into middle school that’s when I really started playing quarterback mostly. I played it more and more and haven’t really stopped playing it.

Did you play any other sports growing up?

Oh yeah, I played baseball, basketball, and football. I stopped playing baseball to focus on basketball and football more. Some days though I feel like I want to play football more and give up on basketball, but I get over that after a while.

What do you love about football?

It’s a team sport, everyone has to work together to achieve one goal. It builds character in some and reveals it in others.

What style of play best describes you?

I’m a pocket passer, I don’t consider myself a duel threat quarterback, I can move around if I need to but I have a strong arm and I’m accurate in the pocket. I also am in the film room watching film trying to get better trying to improve my football I.Q.

Who are some of your biggest influences?

Peyton Manning because of his enormous football I.Q. and because of his ability to see things all over the field. Drew Brees and Baker Mayfield, just because both those guys are about my same height and build and they are both playing at a high level in the NFL. I hope to be there with them one day.

Do you think attitude is a factor in winning?

Absolutely! I’m the type of guy that hates losing more than I love winning, so I have the attitude of going out on the field expecting to win, no matter who I’m playing, I don’t count out my team in any situation.

Tell me about your experience this season being a player coach.

Well I’ve definitely learned more about patience. I have a lot more respect for my coaches, it’s definitely different being on that side of things, and it gave me a new way to look at things. Now I know what my coaches have gone through in past seasons.


Look for Andrew and the Hahnville Tigers to be back in action on Thursday, November 8th, for the first round of the playoffs against Walker High School at 7pm.