March 23, 2019

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Diamond in the Rough: Bryce Fricke, De La Salle High School

  Bryce is a 6’4 offensive tackle from De La Salle High School in New Orleans. He is going into his senior year having gained flexibility and strength over the summer break. During the break he went on multiple college visits and attended a football camp at South Alabama. He has one offer right now from Louisiana College. Bryce is very passionate about the game of football and uses his leadership skills and size to his advantage on the field. Bryce has a goal this season of winning district.

Height: 6’4


Weight: 293


Bench: 265


Squat: 395


Clean: 270



What do you like about football?

 I love my teammates and being around a brotherhood. I love the game and the aspects of the game such as the lights and pep rallies.


When did you start playing football?

 I began playing football when I was 5 years old.


Do you have an athlete that you look up to?

 I would have to say Joe Thomas. He was a right tackle for the Cleveland Browns. I admire the way he presents himself on and off the field and the way he works. He is a hard worker and overall good guy.


What would your teammates say about you?

 They would say that I am a great leader and that I work hard. I am very outgoing, not quiet and I am very vocal and speak my mind.


What would your teachers say about you?

 My teachers would say that I am very hardworking. I am the type of guy to raise my hand and get an explanation to something I do not understand, and I am not shy.


 Have you received any academic awards or are a member of any clubs?

 I have been a Student of the Month before and I am in the Photography Club.


Do you have any sports awards?

 I solely won Local Offensive lineman of the week once and our whole offensive line won 5 times in a row. I was also All District in 2017.


What are your strengths?

 I have a high football IQ and I can pick up stuff quickly on the field. I have obtained a lot of knowledge of the game and I am a leader.


What motivates you?

 My mom and dad working their hardest for me to go school and all of the sacrifices they have made for me.


What are you looking forward to this season?

 Mainly I am looking forward to a great senior year and honestly I am focused on the team and the goal is to win district and if anything happens after, it is icing on the cake.


What did you do in the off season to prepare for this year of football?

 I went to a South Alabama camp. I also went on visits at Northwestern State, Nichols, and South Alabama. I have received one offer from Louisiana College. I also worked out on my own and even had my own trainer. We had team summer workouts to help prepare as well. I also took yoga classes to help with my flexibility.


What have you most improved on since last season?

 My foot work has improved, my pass blocking abilities, and flexibility.