July 23, 2019

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Diamond in the Rough: Bryce Fricke

Bryce Fricke is a senior attending De La Salle High School, located in New Orleans, LA. He is 6’4 offensive tackle with tons of strength. He weights 293 pounds and can bench 265 pounds. He has been playing football since he was 5 years old and it something that he has always been fascinated about.  His parents not only got him to start playing football, but they are the people that inspire him to keep pushing himself. Bryce explained that his parents have sacrificed a lot for him and because of that he so grateful for them. His parents have worked hard to raised him and that is what pushes Bryce to do his best every day. Bryce says “we were never really the wealthiest family”, but regardless they have always found a way. Family is something that is very important to Bryce along with football, when asked what he loves the most about football, he had a list of things. He expressed how much he loved when his family could come together and enjoy watching him play. It is something that can bring them all together and he loves when his family comes out. Bryce also loves the contact of the sport and the atmosphere of the games. Bryce has a very high football IQ and has the ability to pick up on things quickly during a game. Throughout his many years of playing he has learned a lot about himself and the game of football.

Bryce is a very hardworking athlete, he strives to get better at his craft every day. Bryce thinks of himself as a very humbled leader and he loves to push and motivate those around him. He is also a leader outside of football. He is a part of his church and is involved in youth groups at his church, where they talk about life and the future. When asked about the type of student he is, Bryce said “I put my academics before football, even though it may be a struggle for me, my coaches and I will find a way for me to get the help that I need.” Bryce is someone who believes in putting his all into everything that he does whether it is school work or football related. Coaches would say that he is very coachable and a leader for his team and he is very productive on the field at practices and games Bryce is one that cheers his teammates up and gives them words to keep them going throughout tough match-ups, this shows the type of character he has.

Bryce has an offer from Louisiana College and has set up multiple visits at the end of the end of the year. South Alabama, Middle Georgia State University, Southeastern, and Southeastern Fire University are all of the schools he plans to visit towards the end of the year. When Bryce gets to college he wants to major in business and wants to learn how to build houses and hopefully get into the real estate business. His main goal is to get his education and play football, those two things are always going to be his main priority.