April 22, 2019

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Diamond in the Rough: Cade Foster

Buckeye High School’s Cade Ashton Foster is yet another young athlete who personifies being scholarly in the classroom and skilled on the field. The junior offensive right guard maintains a weighted 3.9 gpa. Pretty impressive, Cade! Foster stands 6’2.5” and weighs 286 lbs. He benches 290 lbs and squats 475 lbs. Cade has played in all O-line positions. He played center his freshmen year and right tackle his sophomore year. He also plays on the defensive line mainly as defensive end but also nose guard. “I play wherever the coaches put me”. Foster is intelligent, athletically versatile, and confident about what he does; sounds like a triple threat to me!

Check out his Hudl: http://www.hudl.com/profile/7614554/cade-foster

When I asked Cade what is the reason he plays football, his answer was “My grandfather and my dad played football. I’ve been around football my entire life. I started playing little league football when I was seven years old and I’ve been playing ever since. I love it.” There are a couple of people that Foster looks up to. “I look up to my parents for their work ethic when it comes to taking care of our family. They’ve also demanded that same work ethic from me. I look up to my grandfather who played college football at Louisiana College. His scholarship was the only way he could get a college education and he made the most of that opportunity. I look up to my high school coaches who see my potential and continue to push me to be the best that I can even when I don’t want to be. I look up to two brothers that played for LSU, Remy and Roman Starnes. Remy Starnes coached football with my dad and has been a mentor to me. Whenever I have questions or I’m feeling down on myself, I talk to him and he helps pick me up”. Foster has attended the O-line/D-line camp for the last two summers. He says he enjoyed being around coaches Pete Jenkins, Kevin Mawae, and Kenny Farrow. “Their knowledge of the game and life experiences were amazing”.

I asked Cade what college would he like to attend and his response was, “I’ve been to LSU games since I was four years old. Every time we played backyard or little league football, we always imagined we were playing for LSU. While I’ve dreamed of playing football at LSU, I would be honored to play college football anywhere in the state of Louisiana. We have great football throughout the state from division one teams to NAIA teams. However, I love the game and would be just as honored to play out of state”. Foster plans to obtain a degree in biology and move on to either physical therapy or pharmacy school. His father is a physical therapist. “Since I was little, I helped my dad treat his patients in nursing homes on the weekends. I love talking to older people, hearing their stories, and learning from them while helping them get better”.

Foster’s main short-term goal is to help his team compete for their district championship and make the playoffs because they have not done that in a couple of years. “Every day I work on getting stronger and improving my footwork. It would be an honor to make first-team all-district and possibly all cenla. I’m working hard in my classes; I hope to be recognized my senior year as a member of the academic all-state team if I can keep my grades up while playing football and baseball while taking several AP and DE classes”.

Cade lettered in both football and baseball his sophomore year. He was excited to share some great news he received earlier this week. “I have to say ULM is special to me now since it will be my first unofficial visit. I appreciate Coach Leger for finding a student from a small school in central Louisiana to invite to their homecoming game. This is pretty amazing!” Foster also wanted to mention his fellow teammate, Hunter Dubroc, will be attending ULM this weekend as well. To my surprise, I recently interviewed Hunter so this was wonderful news for me to hear about! Dubroc and Foster have been teammates for the last five years but friends for even longer. “It will be exciting to share this experience with my teammate/friend”.

I like to ask my “diamonds” if there is a specific motto they play or live by and is there someone they are dedicating their season to. Cade wrapped up our interview with some wise and sentimental words. “To anyone coming up behind me, it is important that an athlete keeps good grades. Work hard in the classroom and then also work hard on the field. Be respectful to your teachers, coaches, teammates, and the opposing team. Always be humble and show class. Let your actions speak louder than your words. My dad always says success can be defined when preparation meets opportunity. I’m working hard now for whatever success I may have from the opportunities that come my way”. Cade dedicates his season to his great-aunt “Momo Toto” who died two years ago from cancer. She always encouraged him to do his best in everything he tried. “When we pray at the beginning of each game, I always remember what she said”.

Wow, I must say this was an incredible interview. I received way more than I expected from such a young man. Cade is full of wisdom and just from his stories it is obvious how he feels about excelling with the game of football. Never give up on your dreams, Cade. I hope you and Hunter have an amazing visit at ULM. Good luck to you two and the Buckeye Panthers on the rest of the season!

Twitter: @CadeFoster_72