June 18, 2019

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Diamond in the Rough: Charlie Norman

Charlie Norman is a 5’8, 185-pound running back from the state’s well-known powerhouse, West Monroe High School. Since the age of five, football has been a part of Norman’s life. He told me that his biggest motivation is his mother. “My mom has always been there for me”. No matter who Norman is playing for, he always plays to his fullest ability for his mother.

During our interview, I asked what Charlie what he can bring to a college program. He replied, “I have a great work ethic and I’m passionate”. I asked him if he could further elaborate on his statement. “I’m willing to work hard. To play the game at the next level, you have to love it because it gets tough”. As a former my player myself, I can completely relate to his statement. Many athletes want to play at the next level, but they don’t last long due to their passion for the game. 

The running back position is stressful and requires quick decision-making. I asked Norman how he handles those elements of the game. Norman replied, “I slow the game down. I see where I need to go, and I go do it”. A player’s ability to see where he needs to before the snap is a valuable trait. Norman is a guy who comes from a winning program filled with tradition. Charlie is a competitor and works to be the best. He wants to compete and use his talents at the next level.