May 22, 2019

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Diamond in the Rough: Christopher Sehring, St. Michael High School

Christopher Sehring is an Athlete from St. Michael High School in Baton Rouge, LA. He has a diverse skillset to his game and can play well at different positions on the field. On defense he has good read and react skills and a high motor, coupled with good vision. He has good tackling form with strength to drive through his tackles. Also has the hands, route running, and size to be a threat in the passing game. He has the ability to catch the ball in traffic and will high point the ball when necessary. Sehring was an All-district Athlete and 2nd team Defensive End for his junior year.


Height: 6’3

Weight: 220

Bench: 225

Squat: 375

40 Time: 4.7

GPA: 4.0

ACT: 31


Checkout his highlight film:


When did you start playing football?

I started playing football around 5 years old, it was flag. In 3rd grade I started playing contact football.


What do you love about football?

I love the intensity of the game. I love being able to go full speed every play and never holding anything back. I love the game and everything about it. Football has always been my favorite sport ever since I was younger.


I see you play multiple positions, what position do you think you excel at the most?

I think I excel most at outside linebacker. But I like playing all positions as it brings a different challenge for me, I look at it as a new task with each position. I think that I am a true athlete, I can perform well at any spot I play at on the field.


How was spring ball for you?

We don’t have spring ball at St. Michaels. We don’t have enough guys so we just been working out the whole time. For me I’ve been working hard, just trying to increase my stats all across the board. Trying to get bigger, stronger and faster.


What are your strengths?

My true strengths would be my versatility, I can get up the field where my coach needs me to be. I have good speed with my size. Also, I consider myself a smart player. I can read an offense very well and predict where the ball is going. I’m able to keep a calm head during the game and actually think about the situation my team is in.


What area of your game have you been working on to improve on?

These past couple weeks I’ve been working on all aspects of my game. Just trying to improve in all areas really.


What are you looking forward to the most for your senior year?

I look forward to a good year of football, hopefully we can win more games than last year. I also look forward to being with my teammates making memories.


What would be a successful season for you?

A successful season for my team would be to finish the year at .500. At least go 5-5. And for me just getting as much rushing and receiving yards as possible and the same mindset for defense as well just want to dominate as much as I can.


What would your coach say about you?

I think my coach would say that I’m a great leader and a good team player. Wherever he needs me to play at he can put me in and rely on me. Also, he would say how I’m a good role model for the freshmen, I do all the right things and lead by example.


Going to any camps this summer?

Yessir I plan to go to many camps to showcase my skills.


What would you want to major in while in college?

Pre-pharmacy or biology is what I’m looking at.


Twitter account: @chrissehring