August 18, 2019

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Diamond in the Rough: Colby Wiersema

Colby Wiersema is a 6’2” 184 lbs. strong safety from Sam Houston High School in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Colby bench presses 285 lbs., squats 405 lbs. and runs a 4.6 second 40-yard dash.


How long have you been playing football and what got you started playing?

I’ve been playing football since I was five years old. I grew up watching LSU on my family’s TV in our garage on Saturdays with my dad, and dreamed of reaching that level one day. I’ve always enjoyed the game.


What has football taught you about life?

It has taught me to fight, whether you are winning or losing. You can never take advantage of an opportunity. You have to battle through adversity and keep going. Mostly, football has taught me how to be a good person.


How would you describe yourself as a football player in one word?



Where do you see football taking you in the future?

I want to play in college. I see football eventually taking me to a national championship and making my parents proud. Like I said I grew up watching football with my dad, so making him and my mom proud has always been my dream.


What is the strong point of your game?

I just play harder. If you come out to a game and watch #25 for Sam Houston, you’ll realize that kid is around the ball on every play. Whether I’m making a tackle or making an assist, I’ll be husting to the ball and never taking plays off.


What will you bring to a college program that makes you special?

I’m a a leader and I’m a competitor. When I show up as a freshman, I’m going to go out there and push the senior harder than they’ve been pushed and try to get their spot and make them better along the way.


Is there a college or pro player you model your game after?

Joe Burrow. He’s a QB and I’m a strong safety, so our positions don’t match up, but I love how tough Joe is. He takes a shot on the chin and he’s ready to go the next play. The UCF game stood out to me. He takes the blindside shot and gets up ready to go back out onto the field.


Describe a time when you made a play in a game that you realized football was your sport?

We were 3-0 heading into district play. I made a play in the flat on a district rival’s running back and flipped him, and got the team fired up. That’s when I realized this sport was for me