March 24, 2019

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Diamond in the Rough: Dylan Rathcke, University Lab High School

Dylan Rathcke is an offensive lineman for University Lab High School in Baton Rouge, LA. Dylan has great size and strength, and brings toughness at the tackle position. After starting his Sophomore and Junior seasons, Dylan is heading into his Senior year with a lot of experience and is expected to be a leader on the offense.


Check out his highlight film:


Position: OT

Height: 6’5

Weight: 285lbs

Bench: 265

Squat: 380


GPA: 3.0

ACT: 22


When did you start playing football?

Ever since I was eight years old. I started off playing for Central youth football league and fell in love with it right away.


What do you love about football?

The game itself, being on a team. Being able to play with friends and family. I also like the competition that comes with the game and how every play is a new challenge.


What are some life lessons you have learned from football?

Being able to deal with other people and work with the team. Also learning to be more responsible and accountable as a leader.


What kind of player are you?

I would say, more fast and aggressive style player. I like to get to the second and third line of the defense and block linebackers and so on. Tough in the trenches is a perfect way to describe me.


What was your best game you ever played in?

Either the game against Rummel high school my sophomore year or the state championship game last year. The Rummel game was the first game that I got to see the intense side of football, started to man up and play a lot more aggressive. The game against Southern Lab I got to play against Damone Clark, having that type of competition brought the best out of me.


What was your worst game you played in?

I would have to say St. Thomas More because I thought we could have gone further than the semifinals. Could have won the championship that year it was tough to fall just short of it.


What have you learned about yourself?

More of a technique person but learned to be more aggressive and impactful in my blocking schemes.


What are your strengths on the field?

My strengths would include that I’m fast and an aggressive player. I developed a lot of technique to my game from training with former NFL Lineman Kevin Mawae. I Like pass block because it is more technique but love run block just as much because it is more aggressive.


What are your goals for next season?

My goals are to get bigger, stronger, and play as best as I can while being a leader for my team. Don’t want to give up any sacks, get a lot of pancake blocks and play against some of the top players.


What camps have you attended?

I haven’t attended any camps yet but I been to some spring games. This summer I plan on going to multiple camps. They include Tulane, LSU, Oklahoma, Arkansas St, Ole Miss, Kentucky and possibly Texas A&M.


What do you want to major in while in college?

Either kinesiology or engineering. I like that they are a hands-on thing and I like to study the body. When it comes to engineering I find it interesting to learn how certain stuff work.


What would your coach say about you?

How I am a responsible player, I try my hardest. Also, that I’ve grown a lot as a player and person over the past 3 years.


Who do you mimic your style of play after?

After Kevin Mawae my personal trainer for pass block technique and La’el Collins just because of how fast and aggressive his style of play is.


Is there anything interesting you would like for people to know about you?

I live around Central Baton Rouge so I love doing country type of things. Like fishing, hunting and stuff like that. I am an outdoors person.


Twitter account: @Dylanrathcke