March 23, 2019

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Diamond in the Rough: Gregory Mahtook, St. Thomas More High School

   Gregory is a senior at St. Thomas More High School in Lafayette. He plays both strong safety and middle linebacker. Not only is he talented on the field but he also maintains a 3.3 GPA and currently has a 26 on the ACT. Gregory is looking forward to this season after attending camps and workouts during the summer to become stronger and increase stamina. Gregory has received one offer from Southeastern thus far. He has a goal this season of winning the state championship.

Height: 6’0


Weight: 195


Bench: 335


Squat: 450


Clean: 250


40 time: 4.52


ACT: 26


GPA: 3.3


What made you want to start playing football and when did you begin playing?

   Football has always been in the family. I love the sport and everything about it. I started playing football when I was 6 years old.

Have you ever or do you play any other sports now?

   I used to play baseball and basketball and now I just play football and I am on the track team as well.

 Have you ever received any academic or athletic awards or recognitions?

   My sophomore and junior year I received my academic letterman and last year I received All District for football.

Are you in any clubs or have done any community service?

   I am involved with campus ministry at school and I am an ambassador for St. Thomas More.

 What all did you do in the summer to prepare for this season?

   I went to our team summer workouts as well as working out on my own and I attended football camps at Rice and Northwestern.

 What is it like playing 2 different positions, strong safety and middle linebacker?

   Playing two positions helps me learn the whole game and what everyone has to do at all times. Some games I go back and forth playing both positions.

 What would your teachers and coaches say about you?

   They would say I am an outgoing kid as well as a good leader and handworker. I also stand up against bullying.

 Have you received any college offers?

   I received an offer from Southeastern.

 What do you plan on majoring in once you begin college?

   As of right now I plan on majoring in business and entering law school after I graduate.

Tell me about last season and what you are looking forward to about the upcoming season?

   Last season was a big learning time seeing what real varsity football is like and the speed of the game and just learning everyone on the team. This season I am playing with everyone in my grade and hope to make it further this season into the playoffs.

 What are your goals for this season?

   My goal is winning the state championship with my team.