December 15, 2018

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Diamond in the Rough: Hunter Dubroc

Buckeye High School’s Hunter Dubroc is not only athletic but an intellectual beast. Dubroc is in his junior year and maintains a 3.1 gpa. He stands 6’2.5” and weighs 295 lbs. Hunter benches 325 lbs. and squats 425 lbs. Dubroc is equipped with the skills to play anywhere on the offensive line for the Panthers. He currently holds the position of left tackle.

I asked Hunter who does he look up to and his answer was Kevin Mawae. “I was able to meet him at the Offensive-Defensive Lineman Camp at Nicholls State University. To receive knowledge from a wonderful person that played at LSU and in the NFL for 16 seasons was great” Dubroc said. When I asked, what college does he wish to play for, Hunter responded “I would really like to play at LSU. Like Coach O says ‘When you have that bayou blood running through your veins you just know’. Luckily for me, Louisiana is full of bayous so I’ll be happy to play anywhere in Louisiana. If the right offer comes from out of state, we will see. I’m keeping my options open”. 

He may be a junior in high school, but that is not stopping him from mentally preparing himself for college. “I’m becoming more and more fascinated with the whole college process. From GA (graduate assistant) to coaching”. I asked him what he wants to study in college and he responded, “The more I see the college business side of things, I’m leaning toward a degree in Sports Operations, with a minor is Business/Marketing. Dubroc’s short-term future goals are to receive more invites and offers to colleges. He also wishes to make 1st team All-District and All-Cenla which he hopes would lead to an All-State Award. “Right now I’ll just enjoy the ride one day at a time”.

Check out his Hudl:

I asked Hunter if there was anything he wanted to specifically talk about in his article. His response was, “I want to talk about coaches. If any middle school or junior high player is reading this, I wanted to offer some advice. Listen to your coaches. If they are ‘fussing’ or ‘riding you’, it’s because they want more out of you. Don’t give up. If they didn’t push you, you wouldn’t know what abilities you have. Don’t take it personal. They know you have more to offer and you’re better than the level you’re playing at. I’ve had to learn that myself. I have to take my own advice”. This kid is humble and wise beyond measures. The fact that he wants to share his wisdom and personal experiences with others, lets me know he will go very far.

Hunter was also thrilled to tell me about his accomplishments so far. “I was really excited to be invited to the Blue-Grey All-American Bowl at AT&T stadium and the Offensive-Defensive All-American bowl in New Orleans. I have to wait until my senior year to play in any bowl game, but the invitations were deeply appreciated. I will be traveling to the Blue-Grey All-American Bowl and watch this year”.

This phenomenal football player has a very special day coming up tomorrow; Dubroc has an unofficial visit to LSU on a day filled with excitement—homecoming! I asked Hunter what are some of his emotions towards this visit. “I’m excited and honestly nervous”, he answered. “I went to my first LSU game when I was 8 years old. Hearing the crowd—there was nothing like it. I’m looking forward to taking my first steps onto the field, just being in the moment. Saturday can’t get here fast enough”!

I must say, this was an amazing interview with Hunter. I received more than I expected. Dubroc is young but very mature and goal-driven. His love for football speaks for itself. He has his eye on the prize and it will be no time before he gets it. I am looking forward to what Hunter has in store for the rest of this season and seasons to come! From an LSU Tiger, I pray his unofficial visit leaves him with an overall feeling of fulfillment and satisfies all his desires. Good luck, Hunter!