February 18, 2019

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Diamond in the Rough: John Purpera, Vermillion Catholic High School

John Purpera is a wide receiver for Vermillion Catholic High School in Abbeville, LA. He is going into his junior season having gained knowledge from camps. John has the ability to work the field with his height and strength to his advantage. In his last season he had 38 catches and 400 yards receiving. John played in every varsity game last season as a sophomore at Erath High School before transferring to Vermillion Catholic High School for his upcoming junior season. John has a goal going into this season of having 50 catches and 1000 yards receiving.


Height: 6’1


Weight: 190


Bench: 330


Squat: 570


Hand Clean: 240


GPA: 3.2


40 Time: 4.46



When did you start playing football?


I began playing football in 8thgrade. I have played football consecutively each year since then.  I also ran track and played basketball my freshman year of high school.


What do you love about football?


I love how it teaches young men like me to come together to overcome things. It taught me to push toward a better me and work harder. It is about being dedicated to something.


What are your strengths?


I am a motivational person I help people become better. I push for better for myself and work hard. I would also say my size and weight are some of my strengths and very helpful. I am bigger than most guys that play in my position.


What are you most looking forward to this season?


I am looking forward to being a better version of me and hopefully winning a state championship this upcoming season. I want to meet my goal of 50 catches and 1000 yards receiving.


What is your favorite offensive play?


My favorite play would have to be a post route or a corner post because whenever a DB or a strong safety is there they usually play slot. Usually whenever I run the route I like to lean outside and then stick back inside.


What do you feel like you have improved on since last season?


My cuts and footwork have gotten better and I have more knowledge of the field at all times and knowledge of the players and where they are. I got the knowledge from camps. We ran 7 on 7 and pretty much all the time during the day, I was always playing against someone and having someone guard me. I was focused on where they are and how to make a move to get past them.


What is your biggest motivation?


My family, they are scraping money off of the floor for me to go to this school. I want to be able to provide for them in the future. My dream is to go into the league so my family never has to worry about money again.


As of now, what are you planning on being your college major?


If I do not go into the league, I want to go to school to be an orthodontist.