June 17, 2019

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Diamond in the Rough: Kelvin Smith

Kelvin Smith is a 6’2, 300-pound offensive lineman for the Church Academy in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Despite his team’s winless season, Smith’s impressive performance set him apart from other players in the state. I asked how he maintained his performance and Smith replied, “I just kept my head up; yeah it was hard because I want to win but I can only do my job”. I admired his response because when things start going south for a team, players tend to become less committed to the team. It’s hard giving your all when you know it’s only for pride at the end of the day. 

Kelvin finished the bowl game with a total of 2 tackles which accounted for 1 solo and 1 assist. As our interview progressed, I asked him what he could bring to a college program. He replied, “Excitement, commitment, and leadership. I’m a vocal guy.” Kelvin went on to explain “excitement” meant that he is a supportive teammate. Every athlete has his strengths and weaknesses. Kelvin believes his strengths include being a leader and being a determined player.

Determination is a trait Kelvin has demonstrated very well by having a successful career despite his team’s record. His on field performance, driven by determination, shows that he’s a player who can achieve his goals. After four years of high school football, I asked Kelvin how he can apply what he has learned on the field to his everyday life. He responded by saying, “It helped me by how I handle life’s decisions”. Playing football not only comes with great praise, but also numerous pressure situations. Smith told me that he handles stressful situations by focusing on what he needs to do. Being accountable was another responsibility he had in high school. “A lot of people held me accountable on the field”. Kelvin Smith is a player who can rise to any occasion no matter the circumstances.