June 17, 2019

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Diamond in the Rough: Landon Moon

Logansport’s quarterback, Landon Moon, is a guy who understands his strengths and his weaknesses. Getting a little more in depth, he told me he thinks his greatest strength is his deep ball. Once he told me that, I knew this kid is an “air raid” type of quarterback. I asked him what was his favorite route for his receivers to run. His answer was the post route. Landon told me that this is his favorite route because he gets to throw the ball down field for his receiver to get it. He loves scoring on the deep ball. After he shared his greatest strength, he told me that his greatest weakness is knowing when to throw the ball away. “I just want to make something happen”, Landon explained. Sitting back and thinking about it, of course, quarterbacks always need to be able to determine when to end the play in order to avoid sacks or even a fumble, but he shows that he is willing to do whatever he can to put his team in the best position to score. 

He has been in the quarterback position since the 1st or 2nd grade and Moon knows that this game never lasts forever. I asked him what he has learned from playing the quarterback position for so many years that he can apply to his daily life. Moon answered, “Being a leader and a hard worker”. In times of stress during the games, I asked him how he has been able to perform under less than ideal situations. Moon answered,”Being patient, and staying positive”. Being a quarterback has its fair share of mishaps and having a short-term memory can keep your head in the game. Playing scared is a situation Moon avoids in a game. He says, “Playing scared is never good; you’ll end up messing things up more”. It’s clear to see that Moon knows that going out and playing to the best of his ability, no matter the situation, is the only way to success. 

One of my last questions for him was whether he would prefer to be a part of the rebuilding process or the rewards process. Moon thought about the question as if I were trying trick him and he said, “Honestly, I would like to be part of the rewards process, I really would; but, I think I would pick being part of the rebuilding process. Just so I can lay the foundation for younger kids to come”. I was glad he was honest with me because it is a hard question to answer if any player had the choice. It would be easier to pick the rewards process, but it would be a lot more humbling to build the program to bigger and better things that remain even after your time is up. Moon expressed his enjoyment he had in participating in the bowl game, “It was really fun to play one last high school football game”. Landon Moon is an experienced player at the quarterback position. He’s started on varsity since his sophomore year of high school, so he is no stranger to the situations that most quarterbacks commonly faced. He’s a guy who is willing to compete no matter what the odds.