July 23, 2019

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Diamond In The Rough: Nathan Thomas, Chalmette High School

Nathan Thomas is an offensive tackle at Chalmette High School in Chalmette, Louisiana. He is a rising senior in the class of 2019. Nathan has really good mobility for his size. He does a great job of firing off the ball low and getting hands on. After initial contact he does a decent job of getting extension. On combo blocks he comes off well and attacks second level defenders.


Height:    6.5 1/4                     

Weight:   270

GPA       3.1

ACT       18


Bench    225

Squat     315

Clean     275
Rating: Size |8| Strength |7| Speed |6| Technique |6| Hands |6|                             Overall: |6.6| 4 Star


Check out his highlights: https://www.hudl.com/profile/8023548/Nathan-Thomas/about

When did you start playing football?

I started playing football when I was ten years old playing with Mother’s Academy.


What is it that makes you love the game?

The excitement of winning. I like to play in big games. Getting the job done is what motivates me on the field.


Growing up, did you play any other sports?

I played basketball for a year.


What would you consider your strengths as a football player?

One big strength would be that I am smart. I think about the game.Athleticism, getting after the ball, and running after the running back. My third would be my blocking. I can clear a big path for my running back. I feel like I’m quicker off the ball, I have a power punch on first contact. I can also move my feet very well and work up to the second level.


How do you feel your previous season went?

For me being a first year starter, I believe it went well. The coaches trusted to run the ball on my side a lot, so I had to do my job because they had a lot of trust in me. Our team made it to the first round of the playoffs with a 7-4 record, but lost unfortunately.


What area of your game would you like to improve this off-season?

I am looking to improve my strength and my conditioning. I’m also working on getting faster.


Have you gone to any camps or plan to?

I went to the Louisiana Lafayette Camp.


What are your expectations for next year?

My expectations personally would to be better as a player both physically and mentally. I would describe myself as an upcoming leader. Team wise, my expectation is to get past the first round of the playoffs. I’m looking forward to playing Holy Cross.


What would college coaches be most impressed with about you?

My catching ability is great, but I think they would be most impressed with my blocking.


What would you like to major in while in college?

I’d like to major in engineering because I like math and I’m very good withit. I also like science and want to improve in that. I think that any majorthat’s a combination of those two