July 23, 2019

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Diamond in the Rough: Perry Ganci, Jesuit High School

Perry Ganci is a 6’2 235lb Defensive End from Jesuit High School in New Orleans, LA. Perry has tremendous strength and power as he is able to bull rush through offensive lineman and make plays in the backfield. He led his team with 165 tackles during his junior year and was an All-District selection. He has good speed and quickness to go along with his size. He displays a lot of hustle as he chases down ball carriers to make tackles across the field from his side. Ganci is an underrated Defensive End for the 2019 class. He is also a back to back state champion in wrestling.


Height: 6’2

Weight: 235

Bench: 380

Squat: 475

Clean: 290

GPA: 3.1



Check out his highlight film:



When did you start playing football?

I started playing football at Cleary playground at the age of 5. I continued to play there for the remaining of my youth where I had the opportunity to play multiple positions QB, RB, TE, LB, and DE.


Why do you love football?

I love the competitiveness, making plays, being part of a team, getting better and trying to win a championship. But the contact and physical aspect of the game is what I really like though.


What are your strengths?

I think that I’m really strong and can locate and react to the ball quickly. I can tackle very well because of my wrestling background. I also get off of blocks efficiently and my speed allows me to be a true threat to any ball-carrier.


How do you stay successful at football?

Just by always striving to get better, learning from my coaches, and stay training hard every day. I’m always watching film and learning from my mistakes. The coach writes down notes on film and I go over it. Also, I would say my mindset and attitude, I give it my all on every play.


I noticed you won a State Championship in wresting, could you tell us a little about that?

I won back to back state championships actually. Basically, using my competitiveness I’ve learned from football and took that with me with wrestling. I trained hard with my coaches from day 1 and got better while always focused on my ultimate goal which was to win state.


How do you feel your Junior season went?                 

I feel that as a team we wanted to finish better than what we did. We were a young team. But I feel like now we all got better and stronger and we’re heading into the new season ready to prove ourselves. Individually I did pretty well, I was the leading tackler for my team as I finished with 165 tackles. I also was 1st team All-District my Junior year.


What is one area of your game you think you can improve on?

Ball get off, fixing my first step. I’m hoping to grow stronger and get faster and improve all my skills to become the best athlete I can be.


What would college coaches be most impressed about you?

My dedication to the game and my strength, I’m very strong and just how hard of a worker I am. Also, my hustle to the ball.


Have you attended any camps or unofficial visits?

Unofficial visits to Tulane and Nicholls and looking to attend a few camps this year.


How do you feel your spring practice has gone so far?

My spring went very well and I’m in the best condition of my life. The team is looking really impressive and I’m excited for the season.


What are your goals heading into your senior season?

My goals are to lead the catholic league in tackles and ultimately win the state title and receive some offers.


Do you have any role models you can compare your style of play to?

I really look up to Khalil Mack because he bulldozes over the lineman and I feel like I do that a lot when I play.


What would you like to major in while in college?



Twitter account: @ganci98