July 23, 2019

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Diamond In the Rough: Ronnie Gray

Ronnie Gray is a 5’10 strong safety at George Washington Carver High School, located in New Orleans, LA. He is a senior this year and is a very talented athlete. Who plays with a lot of passion for the sport. So far this season Ronnie has a total of 59 tackles, 2 force fumbles and 2 interceptions, with much more room for improvement.  Ronnie started playing football when he was six years old and hasn’t stopped playing since. Football has always been the sport for him and he enjoys ever second of the sport. Ronnie has a real passion for the game and he loves the energy he gets from every game. He wants the chance to go to college and play football so he can get a free education and continue to play the sport that he loves.  There is one person who keeps him motivated, and this person is his grandmother. She brought him around football when he was younger and she has always kept him inspired.

Ronnie is an all-around athlete on the field, who plays with a lot of aggression. He is quick on his feet with a 40 time of 4.4,  and he has great football IQ. Ronnie also looks at himself as a great leader for his team, he works hard to keep his teammates at their best. He believes in working together to get the job done and he brings everyone up when they are down. Ronnie likes to help people when they need it and he does not just do that on the field, he does it off the field as well. He is always in the books and believes strongly in education coming first. His coaches would say that he is a hard worker  on the field and off the field, they can always depend on him to push through workouts. He is also a very coachable athlete and goes above and beyond to make sure he does what he needs to do. When asked about what he feels he needs to work on in regards to practices and games Ronnie said “ My communication on the field with my teammates’. Communicating better is something that he feels can be very essential and it can also benefit the team as a whole.

Not only does Ronnie work hard on the field, but he strives to do his best in the classroom as well. He enjoys helping other students in the classroom with work when they don’t understand something. He has always been a very hands on student, so a lot of work comes easy to him. With a 3.2 GPA Ronnie has been able to prove himself academically in every aspect. Once he gets he gets to college, he wants to major in Business and Marketing. Hoping to pursue a career in providing a better conditions for the homeless and also for disabled people. After college Ronnie wants to play professional football and plans on splitting his time between his regular job and his football career. Ronnie has a few dreams schools on his list and they are LSU, University of Georgia and University of Louisiana at Lafayette, he has high hopes for himself and his team as the season is winding down.