July 23, 2019

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Diamond in the Rough: Solomon Miles

Now in his 3rd year in high school Solomon Miles attends University Lab, and is one of many players that are looking to take their talents to a higher level. Solomon is a 6’4, 300 lb offensive guard, originally from Gonzales, LA. Solomon enjoys playing football and has been playing since he was four years old. His father introduced him to the sport and ever since then, it has been a part of his life. Solomon loves the rush and the atmosphere once he steps out on the field, and he loves playing alongside his teammates. Playing football has taught Solomon how to be more vocal, and it has also taught him how to tap into his leadership skills as well. It has shown him how important hard work is and how important it is to not only think about himself but others as well. One of his biggest inspirations is Father, he has taught him everything he knows about the game, and has always been there to keep push him and keep him motivated.

Although Solomon has always been a hard worker, he believes that he still has room to improve. He wants to work on his work ethic at practice and on the field. He also wants to work on his interaction with his teammates on the field. Solomon has always been the type to support his teammates and encourage them every step of the way. His coaches would say that he is a very committed player and he is always there to support everyone out there. One goal that Solomon has for his team this year is to repeat their State Championship from last year. University Lab has been undefeated the past two years and has been on the top of their game this year as well. When asked about how he feels the team has been doing this year Solomon said, “ I feel like we have lived up to what we are known for, and we have met the expectations and goals that were set for us at the beginning of the season”.

Solomon not only works hard on the field but he works hard in the classroom as well. He has been able to maintain a 3.8 GPA. He has always been a focused student and believes that school is something that is very important. He is very productive in the classroom, as he enjoys helping not only his teacher, but his fellow classmates too. He was on the principles list last year for maintaining over a 3.7 GPA. Solomon plans on majoring in either business or sports broadcasting once he gets into college and pursuing a career in that once he finishes football. Solomon is also a member of his Church and serves as an Usher in and is a strong believer in Christ.