July 24, 2019

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Diamond In The Rough: Tayte Langley, Iota High School

Tayte Langley is a 6’3, 235 pound outside linebacker/defensive end who recently transferred from Eunice to Iota High School. He has excellent read and react skills, as well as amazing lateral quickness. Coach Andy and I witnessed first hand Tayte plug the “B” gap, which forced the ball carrier to change direction. Tayte was able to use his lateral quickness to make a tackle on the ball carrier in the flats. He reminded me of former LSU Linebacker Kendell Beckwith.


Bench: 275

Squat: 450

Clean: 270

GPA: 2.9

ACT: 19

40 Time: 4.75

Check out his HUDL link: https://www.hudl.com/video/3/9384123/596ae5ba0dc19213409a2256


When did you start playing football?

Ever since I was about four or five years old, I’ve been playing tackle, in pee-wee football. I never played flag or anything.


What do you love about football?

I love the technicality of it, and how much you have to improve on yourself. How it teaches discipline, and teamwork with others. I also love making a big stop on 4th and 1.


What are somethings that football has taught you?

Early on in my life I was uncontrollable, and I think football has taught me how to control myself. In football you play with aggression, and you play 100 percent, and you learn to control that aggression.


What do you think is your biggest success is on the field?

For me, I think I learned how to be more humble, be a better leader for younger guys, and be a better example. I think that is a success right there.


Growing up, did you play any other sports?

I played basketball and baseball, I just stopped playing baseball so I could have more time with football, and I played basketball last season.


What are some of your strengths?

I like to play with my hand on the ground, I think I come off the ball with good explosiveness. I can use my hands to get off blocks, and I can use my reactiveness to get to the ball carrier.


What would you like to major in in college?

Something dealing with hands on work, like agriculture or construction. I like working with my hands a lot so maybe something dealing with that like construction management.


What kind of player are you?

More of a hybrid player. Someone who can rush from the edge but also cover the flats. I like how Khalil Mack did it earlier in his career, but he’s being used as more of a defensive end now.