October 19, 2019

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Diamond in the Rough: Tresmin Brown

Tresmin Brown is a senior running back and free safety at Logansport High School in Logansport, Louisiana who finished his senior season with over 1,332 rushing yards and 17 total touchdowns with 19 tackles, a sack and a fumble recovery. He was rewarded with all parish, all district, and all state honors. In the Louisiana Gridiron Football game Brown had 71 rushing yards and a touchdown for the blue team.

When did you start playing football and when did you begin to like playing football?

I have liked football all of my life and I started in junior high.

What has football taught you about yourself as a person?

It taught me how to be a leader, being somebody who kids would look up too showing them that if I could do it you can too.

How do you prepare physically and mentally for a game?

Watching a ton of film. While watching film I watch how the linebackers work and I go back and watch my old games to see what mistakes I made and how can I improve this part of my game.

Why should colleges recruit you?

I’m a hard working kid, I stay focus, and I will consistently let them know that I am worth it.

What did you think about the Louisiana Gridiron Football bowl game you played in recently?

It was great I came out with a score; I loved everything about the bowl game that the LGF put on. Being around a bunch of other football from different parts of Louisiana was a lot of fun. The whole experience was fun.

How would you describe yourself in one word?

The Future because I really think I’m going to make it. I want to make my family proud with what I do, because they are the reason why I have gotten this far.