July 23, 2019

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DITR: Keilon Brown

Keilon Brown is a name that you will never forget once you have seen him dominate the football field on any given Friday night. He is a 6’0 and 183lbs dual-threat starting Junior, Quarterback for Zachary High School. He is kind, outgoing, and compassionate individual. His speed, athletism, and determination have allowed him to become one of the best dual-threat Quarterbacks out there. From his 2017 season, Keilon Brown was named 1st team all-district, 1st team all metro, and 1st team all-state. He was also named MVP for that season as well. As a young freshman he had to take on a major leadership role becoming the starting varsity quarterback, and 3 years later he is exceeding the expectations that were set in front of him.

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Who is your inspiration and why?

My uncle, I feed off of his great energy and that is what helps me go out and play each game like it was my last. He is always there for me, he also played quarterback in High School and College. He has a lot of knowledge that he gives me about what type of defense that we might be up against and their rankings, and how to defeat them.


What sparked your interest in playing football?

I started playing around the age of 4-5 years old, I would throw the football around with my uncle and older brother. From the start I have always played quarterback, there was never a doubt that this position was not for me.

What has playing quarterback taught you about yourself?

It has taught me patience because nothing should be rushed you have to let it happen, timing is everything.

What has football taught you about overcoming adversity?

When adversity hit you have to understand it and learn how to overcome it. For example, when playing against West Monroe in the semifinal game during the 2017 season and in the second half they started to rally up points and try to come back. We had figure out how to stop them so that we could win, and we did just that.

What is the first word that comes to mind that describes you and why?

Competitive because losing is not an option. I know what my team and myself is capable of and that is winning football games.

What do think you bring to a college team that they don’t already have?

I believe I could bring athletism because many colleges need a dual-threat quarterback. As a quarterback when you do not have any options left when a play is going on, you either fold or you make something out of nothing, and I believe I can be that quarterback that creates something out of nothing.

How was it becoming the starting varsity quarterback your freshman year of high school?

It was big shoes to fill coming in after Linsday and the state championship that Zachary High school had won. I know I had to step into that position and take over, and lead my team in the way that they should be lead to continue to win football games.

If I were to ask one of your teammates what kind of teammate are you, what would they say in your opinion?

They would say I am humble because I do not follow the hype. I stay focus on the goal at hand and get it done to go onto the next goal that is ahead.

How do you expect your team and yourself to do in the first playoff game next week?

I expect us to do good, we have a great game plan going in offensively and defensively. Our defense will do great in making sure that offensively we can get back onto the field and put points up on the board.

What has playing both football and baseball taught you about the other sport that could help you improve overall?

That you are going to fail sometimes, you are not going to be perfect at everything. In failure, there are many lessons that you can take away, and then use those lessons moving forward to improve.

Height: 6’0

Weight: 183