November 20, 2017

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Gambling State Dominates Texas Southern

Grambling State Dominates Texas Southern

By: Ben Hall

Director of Football Ops

The 2014 season for Grambling State has been a season no one would have believed before the start of this 2014 college football year. Going into this SWAC Thursday night matchup versus Mississippi Valley State, Grambing State has been on a six-game winning streak, and with this win, it now extends to seven. Coach Brodderick Fobbs has brought back the magic to the Grambling State Tigers.

Grambing State Tigers quarterback Johnathan Williams came out with another solid performance, passing for 19-32 on attempts for 382 yards, with 3 touchdowns. Also, on the ground Williams was 7 attempts for 42 yards and 1 touchdown. The Grambling State Tigers racked up a total 42 yards of total offense.

After the first quarter, Grambling was down 14-0 to Mississippi Valley State. That lead did not last very long for Mississippi Valley with Grambling State Tigers scoring 21 points before the half. Going into halftime, the Tigers led Mississippi Valley State 21-14.

Grambling State came out dominating in the second half, making the score 21-14 going into the fourth quarter. The Tiger’s defense had a dominating performance after the first quarter, not allowing Mississippi Valley State to a single point until late in the fourth quarter. The final score was Grambling State 38 Mississippi Valley State 23.

The Tigers of Grambling State now have a chance to extend their winning streak to eight games with their next opponent being Alabama State. If the Tigers can extend this winning streak, the largely anticipated Bayou Classic will be much bigger than it has been in many years.


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