March 24, 2019

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High School Football Recruiting: A.J. Ellender High School

Josh Sibley played football for approximately thirteen years. He is now a scout with Louisiana Gridiron Football and is currently scouting high school level talent throughout Louisiana. He hopes to help recruits reach their full potential and get to that next level of play.

A.J. Ellender High School is located in Houma, LA. Last season they finished with a district record of 1-5, and an overall record of 2-8.


Lynn Parfait          Size|1| Speed|7| Strength|6| Technique|3| Hands|3| Overall|4.0|


Height: 5.06

Weight: 165

2 Star Recruit



  • Good vision
  • Good speed


  • Long wind-up
  • Stares down receivers


Lynn has good vision and speed, however, he has a long wind-up and a tendency to star down his receivers. He could also use some overall size to his frame. He has the ability to extend plays with his feet. Could be an NAIA or JUCO prospect. Here is a link.


Kezmond Howard          Size|4| Speed|5| Strength|3| Technique|3| Hands|2| Overall|3.4|


Height: 5.11

Weight: 190

1 Star Recruit



  • Decent speed


  • Size
  • Footwork


Kezmond has decent speed, but should look to improve on his footwork during the off-season. He should also try to add some extra bulk as this may help with fighting off blockers. Could be a NAIA or JUCO prospect. Here is a link.


Lance Rockwood          Size|6| Speed|6| Strength|7| Technique|5| Hands|6| Overall|6.0|


Height: 6.01

Weight: 228

3 Star Recruit



  • Good strength


  • Needs bulk
  • Footwork


Lance has good strength, and decent size. He should try to add some additional bulk during the off-season and concentrate on his footwork and his form tackling. His foot speed could be increased with better footwork. Could be a possible DI FCS or DII prospect. Here is a link.


If you’d like to be featured in Louisiana Gridiron Football Magazine this summer, then call Josh @ 240.750.7746. This magazine will be sent to every college in the country in July.