May 21, 2019

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LA High School Football

Class Of 2020: Top 5 Tight Ends

Summer has approached us and college coaches are on tour at high schools all over the state. Here at LGF, we have our very own former college coach, Coach Andy. He evaluated and ranked over 4,000 players from over 360 high schools throughout Louisiana. For the next few days we will be posting the top five players by position. If you want to read more about these ratings or how Coach Andy rates players, then order your copy today of the 2020 Recruiting Special Edition magazine.

5) Luke Howard, STM   7.9 of 10

6’3″ 210 LBS

Hometown: Lafayette, La


4) Arin Spears, West Feliciana    8.3 of 10

6’2″  205 LBS

Hometown: St. Francisville, La


3) Lamaj Kendrick, De LaSalle    8.5 of 10

6’3″  225 LBS

Hometown: New Orleans, La


2) Kameron Williams, Ouachita Parish    8.6 of 10

6’2″  220 LBS

Hometown: Monroe, La


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Diamond In The Rough: Primus Breckenridge

Primus Breckenridge, a 5’9, 187 lbs RB and OL at Madison Preparatory Academy in Baton Rouge, LA, is shutting teams down on both sides of the field. Breckenridge’s versatility on the offense and defense led him to 86 tackles and 8 touchdowns last season, along with being awarded all district LB and all district in track last year. Clocking a 4.4 on the 40, benching 315 lbs, squatting 425 lbs, and deadlifting 365 lbs, Breckenridge proves that size is only a mere factor when it comes to natural born talent and trained skill. The seasoned, 3 star prospect was rated a 9/10 in speed and agility and a 10/10 in footwork and vision. His plans after high school are to go to college in hopes to one day become a radiation therapist.

When was your first time playing football?

  • My sixth grade year at CSAL Middle Charter School

Why did you start playing football?

  • Honestly because people thought it was something that I would be good at. When they look at me they always asked was I a football player because of my size so I decided to go ahead and give it a try and I’ve liked it ever since. In elementary school I used to play around with my friends and my teachers used to always think that I played for a team.

Who inspires you?

  • I would say the person I look up to would most likely be Saquon Barkley

Where do you believe you have made the biggest impact on your team?

  • I think I make the biggest impact on defense because they need me to play, like I know all of the plays and make all of the play calls. Also, I had like 86 tackles last season so yeah definitely defense

What are some things you do during off season to prepare for the upcoming season?

  • So I run track to get faster and I lift weights with my coaches and I have a personal trainer. I also have started going to camps, like Rivals.

How do you feel your coach would describe you?

  • They always tell me I’m humble and that I’m a physical runner. And I would say aggressive
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If you weren’t playing football what would you be doing?

  • Getting ready to go to college, because I want to be a radiation therapist

What do you do to prepare for a game? Is it different than preparing for a bowl game or a playoff game?

  • I watch film on the other team for sure to know how they’re going to run. Since I play both sides I have to know their defense and offense to be able to make tackles or go for touchdowns. No, I would just say that I’m more focused in playoff games though.

What is your favorite position? Which position do you feel you are the best?

  • Definitely as a running back. It’s my favorite position and I feel like I make plays when I’m at running back.

Tell me the story of how you came to be a RB and a OL.

  • I started as a RB but they needed people on the defense so I offered to play both sides and sometimes that’s where they need me. So when they told me I could, I just started trying to get in better shape to prepare to play both sides. Originally they asked me to play linebacker and they told I would be started both sides.

Do you prefer a defensive or offensive game? Why?

  • I would say defense because I like being able to stop someone from doing something. It’s like my way of telling you that I’m better than you and I can stop you before you get to where you need to go

With the drive, dedication, and hard work Breckenridge exhibits and his willingness to assert himself where his team needs him, I have no doubt that he will honor a college football roster after next season. His strive to be the best and his humble attitude will leave him with nothing less than great things and a surplus of amazing opportunities.

Diamond In The Rough: Max Hunter

1st team all-district RB, ranked the fourth RB in the state of Louisiana, ability to play two positions (RB and WR), and rated a 10/10 in six of ten categories including agility, hand technique, footwork, skill, vision, and aggression are all accolades that discern upcoming senior Max Hunter. However, these commendations do not do Hunter justice. He has the rare caliber every RB should possess in identifying a hole and bursting through at just the right moment. Not to mention his ability to outrun any DB and reach around with perfect timing to seize the flying ball and head into where he is the most comfortable, the red zone. Standing at exactly 6’0 ft and weighing in at 173 lbs, Hunter will grace Monroe, LA and the Neville High School field once more for the 2019-2020 football season.

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When was your first time playing football?

  • My first time playing football was my fourth grade year. No, it wasn’t rec ball, it was for school.

Why did you start playing football?

  • I mean, it was really for my dad. He really wanted me to try to play so I tried out and I fell in love so I kept playing.

Is there anyone that you model your playing style after or someone that you admire?

  • I like Ezekiel Elliot. I like watching him play and I try to learn the things he does and model my game after him.
    twitter: @maxhunter4994 Click to see Hunter’s hudl film!

What is your favorite position? Which position do you feel you are the best?

  • I like being a running back and I believe that I am a great running back also, but as a receiver I am able to use my speed against DBs and use my quickness. As a running back I’m able to get out of the back field quickly also. I mean I do like both positions but I think I’m better as a running back.

What are your goals going into next year/after college?

  • Definitely to lead my team to a championship and become a better player and a better leader for my team so we can have a good senior year.

What are some things you do during off season to prepare for the upcoming season?

  • I work out a lot, do a lot of running and working out on my own outside of school. I also help some of my players on the team. We workout together so we can improve as a whole.

Where have you seen the most growth in your play?

  • I believe from last year I’ve grown a pretty good bit, like my vision is better and I got stronger. I am more physical on the field.

Name a few artists off of your warmup playlist?

  • Drake, Future, C Murda sometimes. That’s about it really, I don’t listen to too much.

What do you think you’ve learned outside of football that helps you or that you use while playing football?

  • Working, like getting a job, teaches you to be on time to practice and workouts. And to always find something to improve yourself at what your doing while you’re doing it.

What qualities or characteristics would you say makes a great football player?

  • A hard worker and a person that is consistent in what he does. Someone that you don’t have to tell what to do

How does it feel to be ranked in the top 5 RB in the state?

  • I’m honored, really. I’m very thankful and grateful to everyone who has believed in me. It excited me, it surprised me. Definitely caught me by surprise, but I’m very humble still. Now, I’m working my way to the number one spot.

Hunter’s passion and intense love for the game manifested through the entire interview; emphasizing every chance he could of how humble and grateful he was to be where he is. He ensured me that he would secure the number one spot as the best RB in the state and that he would continue to train and improve to achieve that goal. The adorned RB’s leadership skills and willingness to learn, grow, and improve will take him straight to the top in no time.

Class Of 2020: Top 5 Offensive Linemen

Summer has approached us and college coaches are on tour at high schools all over the state. Here at LGF, we have our very own former college coach, Coach Andy. He evaluated and ranked over 4,000 players from over 360 high schools throughout Louisiana. For the next few days we will be posting the top five players by position. If you want to read more about these ratings or how Coach Andy rates players, then order your copy today of the 2020 Recruiting Special Edition magazine.

5) Christian Corkran, Fontainebleau High    8.8 of 10

6’4″ 300 LBS

Hometown: Mandeville, La


4) Robert Pizzolato, Curtis    8.8 of 10

6’4  305 LBS

Hometown: Ridge River, La


3) Micah Mansfield, Ouachita Parish    9 of 10

6’3″  300 LBS

Hometown: Monroe, La


2) Ma’Kyi Lee, East Jefferson   9.4 of 10

6’6″  300 LBS

Hometown: Metairie, La


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Scotlandville vs. Madison Prep vs. Amite Spring Scrimmage

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Friday evening, Scotlandville, Amite, and Madison Prep held a three way scrimmage to close out the spring. Despite the warm weather, attendance was great as fans and college scouts alike flooded Scotlandville High to watch young talent compete. Dropped passes, miss tackles, fumbles, and blown coverages where a common theme throughout the day. BUT it’s just spring football, so these things are to be expected. Generally coaches are just looking to evaluate their team while giving players a chance to make an impression. And boy, did they ever.

Out of the three teams, Scotlandville made the most plays and looked the cleanest. They had several players standout, but the sophomore running back tandem of Chance Williams and Marlon Gunn Jr impressed the most. They lived in the end zone, each scoring early redzone in drills and in the live scrimmages. Also senior defensive end Johnathan Horton, a basketball player who just picked up football, flashed several times in run defense and applied consistent pressure on opposing QBs. Here’s what Scotlandville coach Kris Peters had to say about his players performance.

” I mean its a spring game so I took it with a grain of salt. We were missing guys. I think one of the things you can take away from the game is that we have depth at running back. At the offense of line we’re still developing some guys. We missed two starters today ,but I thought we played okay but we have to clean some things up. On offense I have to start with Chance Williams and how he ran the football. I like Jesse Craig’s (QB) command of the offense. Martrell Thomas was a war dad on the offense of line. On defense, Jonathnan Horton is a kid who just came out for football a week ago. He plays basketball, but I think he wrecked some things. Darius William, I thought he played sideline to sideline for us. And then Chris Daigle. I think Chris Daigle was special for us at corner…. you know I call them DBU for a reason. (Goals for the upcoming season) Get better everyday. You know it simple man. There’s no state championship. I mean if do things the right way and you got good players it will come in time.”

It was more of a mixed bag for Amite as they had big plays, but also left some on the field. Quarterbacks David Selders and John Walker made several big plays with their feet. The most consistent player was Corey McKnight who ran hard and routinely required multiply defenders to take him down. Darren Branch had a quieter day statistically, but he showed good covers skills and displayed good energy and aggression. Here’s what coach Amite coach Zephaniah Powell had to say.

“There were some positive things. I mean we’re young all across the board on the offense of line and defensive line while having to replace some guys that we lost last year. We were going against two quality opponents in Madison Prep and Scotlandville and our kids at certain parts of the scrimmages held their own against them, you know we got work right there. For are older guys that are return, Corey McKnight had a good game for us, broke a couple of runs and had a couple of touchdowns for us. We made some key tackles. Darren Branch played excellent on defense for us, he covered some of the better players for Madison Prep. And also Kevin Bickham, he played well from an outside linebacker perspective. We’re breaking in two new quarterbacks and I saw some positive stuff from them so you know we just gotta keep working at that aspect. For our young guys, our two quarterbacks David Selders he did some good things for us as well as John Walker. We got a freshman linebacker Jayve Magee he played a good game for us at outside linebacker and also powerback. Dorian Baptist another receiver played well for us. I was very impressed with some of our young guys.”

Madison Prep fought hard all day. Myles Poullard ran the ball well through the tackles. Madison’s first team defense played well even without touted safety Joel Williams for most of the day. Major Burn’s helped pick up the slack showed great leadership.  The offense line also had a strong day run blocking as they consistently created holes. Here’s what Madison Prep coach Mike Roach had to say about his team.

“We just gotta be consistent, you know that’s what the spring is all about. Getting out seeing who can do what and just evaluate them and put them in those game like situations and see how the respond. We responded in spurts but you know we just gotta be more consistent. Major always does. Major’s just a leader and does the little things. We did a good job running the football. Myles Poullard ran the ball well at times. Benjamin
Stewart ran the ball well at times. But you know just gotta better. Our quarterbacks gotta make better reads and certain he just has to check out bad plays. At time that brought more than we can block, but we stayed in the run play and that’s not what we want to do. You gotta make those adjustment,but will be okay. In the summer time we gotta get stronger upfront. That last drive was just an attitude drive. We played well and fought hard we played them all four downs they just pushed it in though. That’s just one of those things where you gotta bigger and stronger.

With spring officially over for these programs, they can fully focus and prepare for the upcoming season. Each team has things to work on, but all have the potential to be solid teams for the upcoming season. It will interesting to see how everything unfolds from here.

Walker vs Woodlawn Spring Scrimmage

Yesterday was the spring wrap-up for the Walker Wildcats and the Woodlawn Panthers. Beginning with Woodlawn’s first string offense on the Walker’s first string defense, the first twelve plays were underway. Not even a minute into the game and Walker’s number 25, Devin Boissat, recovered a Woodlawn fumble. After a few yards carry by Woodlawn’s Jonero Scott, number 3, Jalen Cook, the second ranked WR in the state from Walker snatched an interception and ran twenty yards for a touchdown. Yet Woodlawn Head Coach, Marcus Randle, felt confident in his squad ending the spring and going into the summer, “Coming in, picking up from where we left off, there are a lot of young guys who really have not played any varsity minutes. Being able to come in and put the install in, I’m pretty satisfied with where we are ending the spring and heading into the summer.” And the Woodlawn players have just as much confidence in themselves as their head coach has in them, number 3 Damon Stewart had this to say after the scrimmage last night, “In the beginning we came out and tried to compete, but our communication was lacking. We have a lot of things to work on during the summer. This spring we got new coaches and a new team, a new system so by August 17 we will be a whole new team. Stronger mind and better.”

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Walker’s first string offense on Woodlawn’s first string defense took the next twelve plays. The Wildcats offense dominated the Panthers at every turn, picking up fifty plus yards throughout the dozen plays. Walker’s Cook was able to get a 30+ yard touchdown, QB Ethan McMasters ran yards for a first down, and junior WR Brian Thomas Jr. outran two Panthers for a 15+ yard completed pass. Thomas Jr. later got another twenty yard touchdown for his Wildcats. But the Panthers refused to give up against their opponents. They held their helmets high and went out with force and fight with every play, allowing number 85, Caleb Blanchard, to get big gains towards the end of the scrimmage. “I feel like we’re a young team right now. We have to improve mentally and mature. We having to come out and attack, not just get in the game and play. So if we come out stronger I feel like we are going to be a decent team.” Blanchard answered when asked about his feelings on the spring scrimmage and how he felt his team could improve. Senior Quentin Ross for the Panthers racked up huge tackles throughout the scrimmage as well, proving the Woodlawn Panthers could hold their own on defense. After the game I caught up with Walker’s new defensive coordinator, Chris Womack, who started just April 1st and asked about his opinion on his guys during his first month with the team. “It’s been a lot of fun. We just started off weight lifting and running. Going through spring we just got an entirely new coaching staff so everything’s new on both sides of the ball. We decided to let everybody learn both sides so that’s A LOT! (laugh) But I’ve been really impressed with the kids, they have great attitudes. They want to learn and I couldn’t be happier to be here.” Both teams left the crowd something to get excited for in the 2019-2020 Louisiana High School football season.

Class Of 2020: Top 5 Defensive Linemen

Summer has approached us and college coaches are on tour at high schools all over the state. Here at LGF, we have our very own former college coach, Coach Andy. He evaluated and ranked over 4,000 players from over 360 high schools throughout Louisiana. For the next few days we will be posting the top five players by position. If you want to read more about these ratings or how Coach Andy rates players, then order your copy today of the 2020 Recruiting Special Edition magazine.

5) Angelo Anderson, Curtis    8.8 of 10

6’3″ 245 LBS

Hometown:  Ridge River, LA


4) DeSanto Rollins, Parkview Baptist   8.8 of 10

6’4″ 275 LBS

Hometown: Baton Rouge, La


3) Noah Taliancich, Destrehan   9 of 10

6’4″ 260 LBS

Hometown: Destrehan, La


2) Calzarian (Bert) Hale, Oak Grove     9.2 of 10

6’4″ 315 LBS

Hometown: Oak Grove, La


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Diamond In The Rough: Kobe Berger



Kobe Berger is a 6’1, 270lbs force to be reckoned with. His presence on the Thibodaux High School field is deafening even without making a sound as the OL trucks through any linebacker in his sights, making way for his QB to aim down the sights and make a play. And there couldn’t be a better position for such a selfless, caring team player like Berger. Throughout the interview he mentioned multiple times that he alone did not want to succeed, but that he wanted to help his entire team be successful as well. The mobility fluent lineman received an 8/10 in strength, a 10/10 in hand technique, and a 10/10 in aggression.

When was your first time playing football?

  • I’d say my first time truly playing football was in the 7th grade at East Thibodaux Middle School. That’s when I really got into it.

Why did you start playing football?

  • I thought it’d be fun to be a part of something, you know.

What would you say your strengths are, specifically in your position?

  • I would say that I am a very strong player. I play for the team first instead of myself and try not to let down the people next to me. I’d say a good bit of physical strength and a good bit of what I do on the field. I work hard in the weight room, but I do what it takes to get my job done.

What do you think you’ve learned outside of football that helps you or that you use while playing football?

  • I find that I am a very smart person. I make good grades and got a decent score on the ACT and I find that that really helps me. I have a pretty good memory so that helps when remembering my plays and focusing and having an angle in mind.

What is something or somethings that you would like to improve on?

  • I ‘d definitely like to improve on my speed. I’m not entirely slow, but I’d like to be faster, you know. I’d like to break that four mark on my 40. To improve, I do agility training. There’s an agility trainer in my hometown named Ernest Harvey Jr. He’s probably one of the best I’ve ever seen at what he does and I try to work out with him as much as I can. I’ve been training with him since the 7th grade. Like after practice so it’s really been helping me a lot. That is what initially helped me to improve my playing and to be faster and stronger overall.

Do you set goals for yourself each game or each season? If so, what are some of those goals?

  • I definitely try to increase my speed to see how much faster I’ve gotten. I try to see if I can get to a linebacker faster when I have to block at the next level or see if I can get a pull block faster. I try to improve every game and be the best I can be.

What is your thought process if your coach/teammate says “this is all you, we’re counting on you for this win or for these yards”? How do you deal with such pressure?

  • I try to keep calm and just have that I don’t want to let my teammates or my coaches down thought in mind and the best that I can to do it. I don’t just want to succeed for myself, I want to help my team to succeed as well. I strive really hard to accomplish that.

What have you learned the most from playing football?

  • From football you gain a brotherly love for your teammates that you will never forget. And through that bond it really helps you improve overall as a person and a player. It helps you to learn to help and trust others. To work together as a team and just not to want to let that other person down and do the best you can do for that person not just for yourself.

What sets you apart from your competition? Like what would make someone choose you over the player next to you?

  • I feel like I’ve been working to get a scholarship and be the best that I can be at my sport since I started playing football. Since the 7th grade I’ve been working as hard as I can. I put everything I can into my sport. I feel like it really sets me apart from some people that just go to practice and workouts. I try to go the extra mile and do as much as I can to help improve myself in my position.

If you had to give advice to someone who looks up to you or someone who is playing your position what would it be?

  • I would definitely tell them to work out as much as possible and be the best they can be. Give as much as they can. Never quit grinding and most importantly not forget about their grades and to study. Because overall, in the end you can’t go anyway if you have good grades. You have to be good on the field and in school.

Kobe values good grades and an ambitious work ethic and most importantly, teamwork. He is a rare individual, dominating on and off of the field. With his impressive skill set and indisputable mobility, Berger will provide something very unique and significant to an extremely fortunate college/university.


BATON ROUGE – LSU’s game against Texas on Saturday, September 7 in Austin will kickoff at 6:30 p.m. CT and will be televised on ABC as part of the network’s Saturday Night Football package, ESPN announced on Wednesday.

ABC’s Saturday Night Football is in its 14th season and feature’s one of college football’s marquee matchups each week during the season.

LSU and Texas will meet for the first time since the 2002 season when the teams squared off in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas. Texas won that game, 35-20.

The contest will also mark LSU’s first trip to Austin since 1954 when the Tigers opened the season against the Longhorns. LSU is 7-9-1 all-time against Texas.

Texas returns the game to Baton Rouge the following year when the teams meet in Tiger Stadium on Saturday, September 12, 2020.

LSU and Texas are both coming off New Year’s Six Bowl victories and are expected to be ranked among the Top 10 teams in the nation heading into the 2019 season.

The Tigers closed out the 2018 season by knocking off previously undefeated and eighth-ranked UCF, 40-32, in the Fiesta Bowl, while the Longhorns beat Georgia, 28-21 in the Sugar Bowl. Texas finished last year with a 10-4 record.

LSU goes into the 2019 season coming off a 10-3 record, a year in which the Tigers set a school record with four wins over Top 10 ranked teams.

LSU opens 2019 against Georgia Southern on August 31 in Tiger Stadium.


-Michael Bonnette

Class Of 2020: Top 5 Linebackers

Summer has approached us and college coaches are on tour at high schools all over the state. Here at LGF, we have our very own former college coach, Coach Andy. He evaluated and ranked over 4,000 players from over 360 high schools throughout Louisiana. For the next few days we will be posting the top five players by position. If you want to read more about these ratings or how Coach Andy rates players, then order your copy today of the 2020 Recruiting Special Edition magazine.

5) Edgerrin Cooper, Covington    8.8 of 10

6’2″ 200 lbs

Hometown: Covington La

4) Chase Geason, St. James    8.9 of 10

6’4″ 220 lbs

Hometown: St. James, La

3) Taiwan Berryhill, St. Augustine    8.9 of 10

6’2″ 200 lbs

Hometown: New Orleans, La

2) Kershawn Fisher, Northshore    8.9 of 10

6’3″ 213 lbs

Slidell, La

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Class of 2020: Top 5 Defensive Backs

Summer has approached us and college coaches are on tour at high schools all over the state. Here at LGF, we have our very own former college coach, Coach Andy. He evaluated and ranked over 4,000 players from over 360 high schools throughout Louisiana. For the next few days we will be posting the top five players by position. If you want to read more about these ratings or how Coach Andy rates players, then order your copy today of the 2020 Recruiting Special Edition magazine.


5) Jabar Triplett, Southern Lab 9.0 of 10


4) Mike Wicker, Southern Lab 9.0 of 10


3) Jermaine Paris, Aadiana 9.0 of 10


2) Terius Crawford, Slidell 9.3 of 10


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Diamond in the Rough: Dajon Jones

In today’s Diamond in the Rough entry, I will be highlighting 2nd team all-district East Ascension linebacker Dajon Jones of the 2020 class. He sports a lean 6’3 225lb frame complemented with 4.7 speed and can bench up to 225lbs while squatting 345lbs. An imposing presence on the edge, Dajon consistently generates a pass rush and possesses elite closing speed.  He isn’t afraid to bang in the trenches on run defense and flashes solid pass coverage skills for an edge rusher. A dominate player on the field, Dajon is an even a better person off it. You can feel how genuine of a person he is along with the deep love he has for his family. Throughout the conversation he exemplified a high level of maturity and is a very well-mannered individual. Here are a few highlights from the interview.

Twitter: @relaxitsdj

How did you get introduced to football?

  • My grandpa was the first person to really introduce me to football. He took me to an LSU game when I was younger and that’s what initially piqued my interest. Around 9 or 10 my mom took me out to our little league team back in Donaldsonville where I’m from originally. Ever since then I’ve stuck with it

Why do you still play football?

  • I LOVE IT. Just the atmosphere that comes with playing the game. Plus, I have great teammates and coaches all around me and I just want to win a championship with them before my time is up.

Why did you pick your position?

  • I didn’t really choose this position, my coaches ended putting me there and I just stuck with it. As a freshman I played safety and I was around 175lbs at the time. I guess I wasn’t fast enough to stay at that position, but it ended up working itself out.

Who do you model your game after and who is favorite player?

  • I model my game after Arden Key. I watch him at LSU and I just like the way he rushes the passer. My favorite player is Julio Jones, but I look up to Cam Newton. I just respect Cam’s upbringing and his personality. I like Julio because he just great. He’s about 6’3 or 6’4 …well basically my size at the wider receiver spot. He just goes up and catches everything.

Who or what influences you the most in your life?

  • MY MOM. She a hard worker who always provides what we need and what we want sometimes. But most importantly what we need. I look up to her and she just brings me happiness.

What do you plan to major in once you get to college?

  • Engineering

Do you have any hobbies or things you like to do?

  • Mainly just chill and hangout with my friends. I like to play Madden a lot and a little bit of 2k, but my main game is Madden.

Anything you would like coaches to know about you?

  • I’m a great person to be around and a leader on the field. I’m always smiling and have good energy.

 What are your goals for the upcoming season?

  • Championship first. Championship first, but I want to break the season sack record at my school. If I can break the state sack record that’s cool, but I really want to break the school record.


Personal Thoughts: Overall, he is a dominate football player and a wonderful person. He is a capable leader who has the potential to become an impact player at the next level. The future is bright for Dajon Jones.

East Ascension at Live Oak Spring Game/Scrimmage

Today’s scrimmage brought together two very athletic teams that could both possibly make deep trips into the playoffs this season. They also have history of seeing each other in the playoffs as well, as Live Oak knocked East Ascension out in 2017.


The game started off with a bang as East Ascension QB Cameron Jones connected with senior WR Steve McBride. The speedy receiver raced down the field for a pickup of close to 40 yards before being tackled. Senior QB Cameron Jones was once part of that receiving group before making the move to quarterback. He looked very comfortable in the pocket as well as being able to make throws on the run. Jones had an impressive pass to receiver Jyrin Johnson with three plays left in the first team rotation. The catch by Johnson was in blanket coverage and required great concentration to be caught, that caused him to somersault over backwards after making it. Two plays later the Spartans would score from the one yard line on a quarterback sneak.

Sophomore running back Kendall Washington had a very good day, not only in the run game but also in the receiving game as well, answering Live Oaks touchdown on the very next offensive possession for EA. Washington took a screen pass 80 yards for a touchdown, breaking multiple tackles on the way. “He’s a ball of energy, he’s our second leader in the weight room in the squat he squatted 500lbs and benched 255lb. and that’s just going into his sophomore season.” Coach Lee said about Washington.

I got to speak with both head coaches after the scrimmage and this is what they had to say about what they saw during the scrimmage.

Coach Lee: “I saw them fight, I saw younger guys get opportunities and make the most of it. I think our young guys are really going to have an impact on us immediately. Some of the older guys, juniors that are going to be seniors will be first time starters, starting up front offensively. We have big shoes to fill with Pule (Falepule Alo) leaving unexpectedly like that, but we moved a defensive tackle and moved him to center and you can see we have some growing pains there. Overall I felt like our kids fought, the defense got backed up Live Oak did a good job made some plays, we bend but didn’t break. I think our secondary needs to get better with tackling. Senior Jyren Ester did what we expected, he had two pick sixes. Overall we gotta get more physical and play a more physical brand of football.”

Coach Beard: “First thing, hats off to EA, I love playing these guys in the spring. We ran into them a couple of years ago in the second round of the playoffs, and they are a perennial top tier team in the state. They’re athletic, they’re long, and they do some great things. I love seeing them early to kind of see where we’re at going into the season, because you take that film with those guys, and you know what you have to clean up going into week 1. They give you such a great look, they’re so athletic, those guys in space are very scary, so in the spring game when you haven’t seen it a whole lot, they’re out in space and it’s hard to mimic that tempo and that speed, we made some mistakes. We were worried about Live Oak going into it, we really honestly looked at basic EA and what formations to get lined up to. We didn’t show them any of their run game or their RPO game, a lot of that was you know what kid, you’re new let throw you in the fire and see where you’re at, and I thought they did a great job. You know you make a play on a screen, totally different ball game. Some of those big plays they had with the RPO, you know if the kids see that, that might not be there. So I’m excited.”

Live Oak senior running back Kee Hawkins had a good day of running the ball as well. At points seeming to give the EA defense fits as it would take two sometimes three players to bring him down. He showed excellent vision and patience to the hole and a good burst to get through the line. On the defensive side of the ball for Live Oak, sophomore DB Aiden Saunders had a quality day as well, having an interception. Coach Beard stated that Saunders “has taken over, he’s a smart football player, and his leadership comes from his passion for the game. I’m really excited to see what kind of player he develops into as a sophomore, much less two years from now.”

Diamond in the Rough: Dillion Cage

Our Diamond In The Rough section is designed to highlight skilled athletes who have the potential to play at the next level but who are flying under the radar. Today we will be highlighting Dillion Cage, Baker High’s All-State Defensive Tackle.

Class: 2020
Twitter: @D_cage55
Ph:(225) 573-1009

At 6’2” and 360lbs Dillion Cage, affectionately known as “Pickle,” is someone you notice immediately. Without question he is the strongest person on his team benching 335lbs and squatting 545lbs, but what’s impressive is the way he moves on the field using his speed and cat-like reflexes to make big plays in the backfield.

Dillion is a 3-year starter, 3-time 1st Team All-District, 1-time All-Metro Team, and a 1-time 1st Team All-State Player. During his junior season he had 56 tackles, 19 tfl, 5 ff, and 3 sacks all while maintaining a 3.4 GPA; he has also earned a 25 on the ACT.  He currently has offers from University of Southern Miss, University of Akron, and University of Tulsa. We had an opportunity to sit down with Dillion to ask him a few questions about this upcoming season, his passion for the sport, and how it all began.


•You are 6’2, 360lbs. One of the first things I noticed when watching your film was how quick you were off the ball. Have you always played with the same speed or has that been something you had to train and work on over time?
I’ve always been quick since I was little. I’ve always been a fast, big kid. The weight I have lost in these last couple of months has increased my speed, quickness, and reaction time even more.


•Are there any defensive lineman in the NFL you try to model your game after or who motivate you by their style of play?
The defensive linemen I try to model my game after are Vince Wilfork and Ndamukong Suh. I model my game after them because they are big, physical, and fast like me.


•Was football your first love or was there another sport you played first?
Football has been my first love since I was 5 years old. I used to watch my older cousin play and I fell in love with the game. I’ve been playing ever since.


•What is one thing you want to accomplish during your high school career that you haven’t yet?
I want to accomplish the goal of bringing a state championship to my city!


•Has playing football ever helped you with personal problems off the field?
Football has helped me stay away from a lot of terrible things that I see everyday.  Growing up where I’m from life can be hard, but it’s all about staying focused and making a way to provide for your family.


•Football isn’t for everyone. It takes a special person to play this game at a high level. Would you consider football to be harder mentally or physically?
Football is harder mentally because anybody can be fast and strong.


•I see you take school pretty seriously. You have a 3.4 GPA with a 25 on the ACT. Why is school so important to you?
School is very important to me because I want to be great and be the best at everything I do. My parents instilled the importance of education in me at an early age. Nothing is guaranteed. If something happens where I can’t play football, with an education, I can still be great in life.


•In what ways do you show your leadership on and off the field?
The way I show my leadership is by being at my best at all times.


•If someone else used one word to describe you what do you think it would be?
A word another person would use to describe me is ambitious because I’m always trying to get better.


•What can you work on to better yourself as a player and person?
I can continue to remain humble and be myself at all times and work harder at everything I do.


•What advice would you give a young athlete would wanted to play football?
Buy into the process at an early age and never give up on yourself. Remain focused through the worst of times and run your victory lap when it’s your time.



2019 NFL Draft Round 1 Notes


FOOTBALL IS FAMILY: The San Francisco 49ers selected Ohio State defensive end NICK BOSA with the second overall pick. He joins his brother, JOEY BOSA (No. 3 overall in 2016, San Diego Chargers), and his father, JOHN BOSA (No. 16 overall in 1987, Miami) as first-round selections. John Bosa joins ARCHIE MANNING as the only first-round selection with multiple first-round sons in the common draft era:

Bosa John Miami (1987) Joey San Diego (2016)
Nick San Francisco (2019)
Manning Archie New Orleans (1971) Peyton Indianapolis (1998)
Eli San Diego (2004)

Michigan linebacker DEVIN BUSH JR. (No. 10, Pittsburgh) also joined his father, DEVIN BUSH SR. (1995, Atlanta) as a first-round selection. Bosa and Bush became the 10th and 11th players to join their fathers as first-round selections.

HISTORY AT NO. 1: The Arizona Cardinals selected quarterback KYLER MURRAY with the first overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, joining BAKER MAYFIELD (Cleveland, 2018) and SAM BRADFORD (St. Louis Rams, 2010) as Oklahoma quarterbacks to be selected No. 1 overall. This marks the second time in the common-draft era that a school has produced the No. 1 pick in consecutive NFL Drafts. Pro Football Hall of Famers RON YARY (1968) and O.J. SIMPSON (1969) were selected first overall out of the University of Southern California in consecutive years.

With Murray’s selection, this also marks the third time in the common draft era in which Heisman Trophy winners have gone No. 1 overall in consecutive drafts (SAM BRADFORD and CAM NEWTON in 2010-11; BO JACKSON and VINNY TESTAVERDE in 1986-87).

TOP-TEN QBS: Oklahoma quarterback KYLER MURRAY (No. 1, Arizona) and Duke quarterback Daniel Jones (No. 6, New York Giants) were each top-ten selections in 2019. This marks the fifth consecutive year in which multiple quarterbacks were selected in the top-ten, the longest such streak in the common draft era.


(SINCE 1967)

5 2015-19*
3 2002-04
3 1993-95
3 1969-71
*Active streak

DEFENSE AT TOP: Four defensive players – NICK BOSA (No. 2, San Francisco), QUINNEN WILLIAMS (No. 3, New York Jets), CLELIN FERRELL (No. 4, Oakland) and DEVIN WHITE (No. 5, Tampa Bay) – were selected in the top-five. This marks the fifth draft since 1967 and the first since 1997 that featured four defensive players chosen in the top five picks.



(SINCE 1967)

1991 5
2019 4
1997 4
1992 4
1988 4
1985 4

The 2019 NFL Draft also featured 18 defensive players selected in the first round, tied for the second-most in the common-draft era. Only the 2006 and 2017 NFL Drafts (19) had more defensive players selected in the first round in the common-draft era.



(SINCE 1967)

2017 19
2006 19
2019 18
2014 18
2013 18
2010 18
2003 18


LINE DANCE: A total of 11 defensive linemen were chosen in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft, tied with the 2011 draft for the most defensive linemen selected in the first round in the common draft era.



Nick Bosa 2 San Francisco
Quinnen Williams 3 New York Jets
Clelin Ferrell 4 Oakland
Josh Allen 7 Jacksonville
Ed Oliver 9 Buffalo
Christian Wilkins 13 Miami
Brian Burns 16 Carolina
Dexter Lawrence 17 Tennessee
Jeffrey Simmons 19 Los Angeles Chargers
Jerry Tillery 28 San Francisco
L.J. Collier 29 Seattle

ORANGE CRUSH: Clemson had three defensive linemen – CLELIN FERRELL (No. 4, Oakland), CHRISTIAN WILKINS (No. 13, Miami) and DEXTER LAWRENCE (No. 17, New York Giants) – selected in the first round. This marks the first time in the common draft era in which three defensive linemen from the same school were first round selections in the same NFL Draft.

TRIO OF PICKS: The Oakland Raiders (No. 4, No. 24 and No. 27) and New York Giants (No. 6, No. 17 and No. 30) each had three picks in the first round. This marks the first time in the common draft era in which multiple teams had three or more picks in the first round.

DE Clelin Ferrell (No. 4) QB Daniel Jones (No. 6)
RB Josh Jacobs (No. 24) DT Dexter Lawrence (No. 17)
S Johnathan Abram (No. 27) CB Deandre Baker (No. 30)


STATS courtesy of