March 26, 2019

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New Orleans Saints 47, Buffalo Bills 10

The New Orleans Saints’ seventh consecutive win looked  like the Little Bighorn as they pounded the Buffalo Bills 47-10 Sunday at New Era Stadium in  New York.
This was the first time the Saints had two 100-yard rushers since the 2006 season. Mark Ingram ran for 131 yards and scored three touchdowns while Alvin Kamara ran for 106 yards scoring one touchdown. The most impressive run however was by a player that could not be identified as he had no jersey, or pants for that matter, who ran for over 100 yards and came within inches of a touchdown.  Although there was some question about ball security , he ran for more yards then Buffalo and it is rumored there was a recruiter waiting for him at the end of the run.


On a serious note, the Saints reserve running back Daniel Lasco injured his spine in the second quarter of Sunday’s game against Buffalo, and was transported to a local hospital via ambulance. The second-year running back had feeling in his extremities and Coach Sean Payton reported  he would be out for the season but the injury was not carrier threatening.

The Saints have won another one and now everyone is jumping on the band wagon (I have been on for a while now) with the very real possibility of going all the way. Some stating that the Saints are the best team in the NFC. My how quickly the experts opinions change……

The Saints return home Sunday, Nov. 19 as they host the Washington Redskins in the Superdome.

Post Script: My Packers beat the Bears, again, so they are still in the hunt 🙂