July 24, 2019

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New Orleans to host Super Bowl in 2024

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards said he’s not prepared to say what the state’s contribution will be.

“I will be meeting with Mrs. Benson again tomorrow to have more discussions about the Super Bowl ,” Edwards told WWL-TV.

The  Superdome went through a nearly $400 million in renovation following Hurricane Katrina prior to hosting the 2013 Super Bowl.

“The beauty of getting this award for the 2024 game is that we are not required to do any upgrades to the Superdome,” Kyle France, president of the state board that manages the dome.

“That’s our main task is to make certain that we can keep this facility upgraded and competitive. When things come to the marketplace we want them to come to New Orleans and we want to be able to say our place can handle this and handle it well,” France said.