June 26, 2019

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RPFL: Real or Scam?

image: Rivals Football League

When we all were kids, we all wanted to do some thing big like be an astronaut, a teacher, or even a professional athlete. For me, I always wanted to play football. When I was 2-3 years old I would run around the yard playing with my football. I spent my life working hard so I could play or be around the game. Today I own LGF (Louisiana Gridiron Football) and coach football. My life is football, well my family too. I tell people that I have three loves, God, Family, and Football.

Quentin Hines Owner of the RPFL

So when I hear about predators feeding on someones dreams, I take it personally. In 2015, Louisiana had not one but two so called Professional Indoor Teams come in and say that they were going to take the place of the departed New Orleans Voodoo. We learned of this and started asking question such as: where were they going to play? did they have the turf/ boards? did they have insurance? Neither team had a venue, after I called or went to the venue that I was told they had, neither team had the money for the turf and boards, and neither team could afford the insurance. Louisiana has the highest rates for insurance for a professional sport. Louisianian law states that any professional team must have $250,000 wroth of insurance for each player and coach. This policy is pretty steep. I called one Greater Louisiana Insurance, since they advertise with us, and asked about this policy. The cheapest policy that they could find was $200,000 per year.

Since August when we first broke the story of the Rival Professional Football League (RPFL), we have received hundreds of calls and emails saying that we were right. So what are they doing? Well the league is boosting about being a professional league that gives player contracts for $301,000 plus guarantees NFL and CFL coaches will be in attendance to sign guys for the next level. Well first let me start off by saying that the NFL DOES NOT SEND SCOUTS TO MINOR LEAGUE GAMES! I know this because I have spoken to the NFL about this. The CFL will send a scout to a game, however, everyone will know days in advance that he will be coming because he will contact the coaches way in advance for film their thoughts on they guy they are looking at. There are literally thousands of semi-pro, minor league, and semi-professional leagues out there. There is a lot of money involved in sending a scout out to watch someone in a game. I know this because I am friends with scouts and GM’s in the CFL. Several were at my wedding a few years back. So the claims that the RPFL is a developmental league for the NFL is false. To date, not one player in the RPFL has signed with any NFL or CFL team.

This is what the RPFL players are paying for. To line Mr Hines bank account.

I was emailed a copy of the players contract, and I could not stop laughing at it. First off, the numbers do not add up .2017 RPFL Welcome Letter and Player Contract So lets get started with page 2. It says that all players must have a doctors evaluation done before they can play. This is true, however, a professional team would want their doctors to do the physicals, after all it is their insurance that will be effected. Which brings me to my second point. NO PROFESSIONAL TEAM CAN NOT HOST A GAME WITHOUT FIRST HAVING INSURANCE! Sure players must have their own insurance, but the team MUST provide Workers Comp Insurance for every player. THAT IS AN ACTUAL LAW! Louisiana is really strict on this. It costs a team $200k per season for just one team. On page 3 of the contract, item 6 injury: you must sign away all rights if you are injured on the job? That I do not understand. Why does this league not have insurance for their players?

On item 10 Compensation, I have same questions. Question one being, how do you get paid $20,000 for selling 200 season tickets when the season ticket value is only $50 each and you can only make 50% of that ($25). The most you can make on this is $5,000. Second, every player will make 33% for every sponsorship they sell. How does that add up to $60,000? So this contract is a set up as a four year deal. As you can see, if you played every position and earned the top amount for that position you would only earn $151,000 in four years. So the case of signing a $301,000 contract is FALSE. So what do these guys get paid? I was told by one coach that Mr Hines forces the coaches to play every player a certain number of reps per game, so the chances of a QB passing for 350 yards or a running back rushing for 200 yards is slim to none. I was told that there are a few players that were paid, however most players are not.

So since this is like semi-pro football, how much do you have to pay before you even step onto the filed? Well to tryout for the league you first must pay $150. Then you must rent the official RPFL helmet and pads fro $150. You then have to by all the apparel for another $150. Then you must buy your uniform for another $150. So now lets throw in the $40 for a physical that he charges players if you do not bring one from your doctor. Then there is a $40 charge for a background check. Now if your one of the unlucky ones to be fooled into this, you would most likely have to move to where your team is at. He now charges you $105 per week for a room (multiply this by 10 since there is a 10 week season $1050). So you are now looking at $1730 out of your pocket before you step your first foot on the field.

What do you get once you have paid your money to play in this league? You can keep your jersey and apparel that you buy. You must return the helmet and pads after the season. In Miami, he had a mansion that he rented for the players. It was a seven bedroom 4 bath house that housed 35 football players. The A/C control panel was removed so the players could not adjust the temperature in the house. May I remind you that this happened in south Florida. All the players had to eat and drink were noodles and water. The coaches I talked to said that they had to help these guys at times because they were starving.

What can be done to stop this? I have instructed every player and coach that has contacted me or others on my staff to go file a police report. Once the police have enough complaints they will then be able to charge Mr Hines with Fraud. Since this now across state lines, this has become a federal crime. $1730 is a lot of money per player that was dished out because of the lies. Not to mention all the players that paid $150, tried out and didn’t make any team. He is praying on peoples dreams and will only be stopped if there are complaints.

Here is the championship game between the Atlantic Sharks and the Florida Red Wolves. I have received class and emails from coaches, players, and officials from this game saying how Mr Hines changed the rules during the game, how he was unprofessional, and how this man is stealing from the integrity of the game.



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  1. It’s sad that this article is the TRUTH! I was one of those players in Miami. I played for the south beach silverbacks the experience was horrible and unprofessional. Me being smart I only stayed for 2 weeks. While others suffered there, I left. I put my heart and soul on the field. But that league is a joke. The most a prayer got paid was $100 just one game and that was only like 6 players. Everything in this article was correct. I also was one of the players to stay in the mansion in Miami lakes when he took the A/C thermostat out. We slept with windows open because it was so hot. Worst “pro” experience ever

    • DREAM KILLER!** RFPL is it REAL or a SCAM?

      If we had found this information on the internet Before I Signed Up to Try-Out – from: [Link deleted]- – * You Best Believe..
      I NEVER WOULD HAVE PAID OVER Thousands of Dollars to Participate, Nor Would I have Fell for the Scam, as detailed online in all ads, online and in the 2018 Player Contract I Received from Quentin Hines..
      I Paid the Tryout Fee $200.00
      I flew to Miami, $900 (R.T.) twice
      I paid for Hotel Fee $ $600.00
      I quit My Job – Lost over $2000 a month in income -Relocated to Michigan trusting & believing Quentin Hines…
      I paid for 10 week contracted housing
      I paid for deposit on Equipment/T-Shirt team Payments $275.00
      I Traveled to Michigan $400.00
      I paid for my own meals and amenities to live in Michigan ALL due to the Promise that Rivals Owner, Quentin Hines provided, discussed and sold US on from his ONLINE ADS/INFORMATION and W/THE PLAYER CONTRACT!
      Rivals DID BREACHED THE CONTRACT – PUBLISHED False EARNING Details that Are Impossible to be Earned by Any PLAYER
      Rivals CLOSED DOWN TWO TEAMS – at Week 3 of the 2018 Season W/out Cause – Nor Notification to Any of the Players
      Rivals FIRED PLAYERS UNJUSTLY to avoid Responsibility to Contracted Terms
      Rivals only provided $100.00 worth of Season Tickets to Players to Sell
      Rivals handed Out 2 Season Tickets – after 1st wk of season began
      Rivals Never Provided Players w/Season Tickets prior to Season
      Rivals Never provided Players with any Sponsorship Incentive
      Rivals Never Paid the Season Base Salary to Players that were in good standing
      Players were denied Playing Time for Unprofessional Reasons by Rivals, which stop Players from performing to earn the performance based Incentives
      Quentin Hines, did not want to be held accountable to his word, nor the contract

  2. I was a member for the Atlantic Sharks in Miami and the experience was horrible, all Mr. Hines complained about was money any time he visited the house, we stayed in a 4 bed room 2 bathroom house with a little over 20 players stuck in there with no air, because he literally ripped the Thermostat off the wall because he said it would make the bill high, but yet he stay on insta showing off all that money he has smh, and 2 bathroom with 20+ people u would either have to take a shower at AM hours when everyone is finally going to sleep or in the afternoon when players go to workout, and he had the nerve to give us a jail house mattress that was like and inch thick, u either had to lay on your bck or side there was no room to stretch out or turn over without fallen off, worst sleep ever, and he would threaten to call the police, or kick u out the league if u didn’t have his 105 every week for housing, he made plenty of promises on what he was gonna get for the house but all we received for the house was one small couch for 20+ people and one tv… Which the tv was pointless kuz there was no cable but he did buy a DVD player and one movie to keep on repeat smh… There was actually one night after practice when we first got housing assignments we were locked out so we called him to let us in and he said he would be there in 30 min he never showed up, if it wasn’t for one of the players checking the side door ( it was unlocked) we woulda been out there all night, there was also a time on our off day he told us don’t leave before 4 pm because he was coming to collect money he didn’t show up till almost 11 that night, there were also a lot of things we were suppose to do as a league as well but of course when it came closer to time something always came up to why we couldn’t do it,, and as far as insurance I played with NO INSURANCE at all no physical no nothing he didn’t ask or verify if I had any of it, only thing he ever verified was if we paid him. I lost so much money going to Miami, but the players and Atlantic Shark coaches made my time there worth wild , in just the short time that I was there because we became a Family, and it’s sad kuz there’s so much talent there from all 4 teams, but all we really got was some low quality game film, I’m just disappointed that it was all based on FALSE HOPE by Mr Hines and his so called Connections. He always promised some scout would be there and come game day we seen NONE.. My Coach did more for us than Mr. Hines ever did.. I just want everyone to know that this league is a waste of money and if u have hopes of going to the next level find a legit League…

    • Yes true on jail house mats all this is true from the no AC to the 105 a Week for rent this League is a joke there where no scouts at any of the game so any thinking of going to the RPFL save your money and time

      • Dont listen to these comments as a former player of this league there was an email sent out to all player telling them to be prepared to live away from home for 8 weeks that includes having your own transportation and money in your pocket. It was also included upon signing this contract that it was performance based for your rookie season. all the earnings would come through your play according to the stat catergory you dominated in. housing was also said to go to the best players who completed training camp and lived more than 75 miles away from the facility only if you performed. the league was not responsible for meals. Everything was written before you even stepped foot on the field. For him to allow those guys to stay in that house was a blessing although it was crowded he made sure you can lay your head some where at night. You have to grind for yourself. If you have jobs in your home town you need to be working to accomidate yourself. In the Arena league CFL and NFL its the same thing. they don’t have to house you or feed you. In those leagues yes you get a base salary but its still performance based you can be here today gone today that’s why some guys have families and people to support them until they make the team which may take a couple of years. Don’t listen to these complaints because these people sold their self a dream thinking someone was going to take care of them and it doesnt work that way. Even an NFL agent will tell you they only palyer getting advances are 1st-3rd round projected draft picks the rest are risks. tell your husband to enjoy playing the game and getting the film and grind support him

      • Yes my boyfriend plays for one of the teams and this is season two of Hines scam. He barley has enough players for the teams and was trying to get coaches the week before the first game was suppose to be. If you talk to Hines he seems so fake, he is quick to ask you an open ended question to seem like he cares what you have to say and then walk away while you are talking. Players talk about how he has a gambling addiction. He flashes money like someone who has never seen a dollar in his life. The Rolf is where football dreams go to die not get developed. He sucks all of the hope these guys have and pretends to be a role model meanwhile he never even played in an nfl game!! He just got drafted and injured and wasn’t hood enough to get back in the game.

    • Wassup man. Can you shoot me a text or even email me. I got drafted by this team this year and will be goin out there the end of this month. So I would like to find out more info on it

  3. What’s up…..I am apart of the Baltimore 10 …..9 really one was from the DMV…..lol….but we sparked off this league….came up detriot….showed up and balled out….we lost our first game and no more after that….we where the hot ticket….we paid our money for insurance and all….this bitch ass mfer Quinton Hines never reimbursed us for our money…..and when I confronted him about it….he kicked me out the league….and my team which was 10 dudes from Baltimore/DMV….and 9-11 of the realest detriot dudes i know….except Luther…..snake in the grass right there…..qmhinrs fired our coach bc he made away for us to stay up there and fighting for what was right for us as players…. we slept 9 dudes to 2 super 8 hotel rooms in deerborn….this man made money at the gate EVERY game…. concessions and all……BUT HE COULDNT PAY ME $30(which was half of the 60 we had to pay for the insurance MONTHLY)…..WE WHERE THE SOUTHERN MICHIGAN MUSTANGS….WE RAN THE RPFL…..AND I AM SO GLAD THAT YOU HAVE BROUGHT THIS TO THE LIGHT….I HAVE WRITEN THE NEWS THERE AND HERE IN BALTIMORE ABOUT THIS SCAM. Even had one of my youth fooball teams brothers go to this league and have the same thing happen to him….people leave their lives home to chase their dream…..and me and my brothers left Baltimore took 10 hour drives on Sundays to chase our dreams….daijon Powell leaving 7 children …. James gamble….Eddie Harvey….Ronald mcclary… Nicholas Tolson all leaving children and spouses home to chase this….my self Dave Montgomery … Miguel Davis ….Reggie Macyntire….one of the more notable names Jason Goode (my high school teammate and played for the Washington Redskins) all gave up our lives and work here in Baltimorefor the chance….he stop paying for our hotel in hopes we would leave and give up…..but we where sent and angel and new head coach MANSFIELD DINKINS and the DINKINS family who took us in their household and showed us love….and whooped every teams ass they lined up against us….see his team was detriot cougars….and after the first intial game we shed some fat…lose some good player to injury….some quit bc of Quinton Hines foolishness….some traded up on us….fuck em to this day….but my 11 bro held it down wit us…how you going to try and play 9 men from the heart of Baltimore City …. He must ain’t seen the wire….you can drop us off anywhere and we going to adapt….he didn’t anticipate our fight and heart…our love for the game and your hunger for our dream….lol….but we didn’t fight him …..we just dogged the league…..won every game until he quinton Hines kicked me out…and the team didn’t stand for it and protested it …and he disassembled our team….crazy how that all happened…I still have my contract and everything….this man laughed at me on the phone when I asked for my money for the insurance reimbursement….but every time we went to his office he was HIGH as shit…..you can be high as fuck….but can’t pay me 30 dollars….

    WE AINT EVEN GET I TO THE CONTRACTS YET…..them joints changed more than stop lights…..mind you we weren’t from there….so we had to stay in hotels…9 to 1 room at some times…no source income….ALWAYS waiting for money that would inevitably never make it….it’s something to show up to games on a empty stomach …. Still get charged for hotdogs and water….still play ….keep winning….ALL THE WHILE STILL NOT GETTING PAID…..if you got any questions ….. Need anything on him…..hit me up….but this brother deserves whatever backlash he gets……he shitted on his father in front of us just to try to show he ran the show….any man that can treat his own father….who admitted to what he did and does….but still supported him….here you go…..this shit should be a movie….

    • Since this contract is under Ohio State law (Paragraph 9) “EVERYONE” concerned should contact the State of Ohio Attorney General (it’s a “.com” site) and file official complaints. This Quentin Hines needs to be put on notice!

      My son almost got caught up in this scam.

      Pass it on.

      • What about the teams in Detroit????? My son will be leavin on Thursday…. First day pf training camp os on Friday June 16th, is it a waste of time

      • A guy contacted me off me off one of the sites calling me to come tryout see I don’t like things like this because you have guys that really want to play and show their talents and your have dishonest people like this SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! people like him need to end up under the jail….Cory and I’m filing a police report on that guy who contacted me one of his scouting assistants and have them brought up on charges of harassment

      • A guy contacted me off me off one of the sites calling me to come tryout see I don’t like things like this because you have guys that really want to play and show their talents and your have dishonest people like this SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! people like him need to end up under the jail….Cory and I’m filing a police report on that guy who contacted me one of his scouting assistants and have them brought up on charges of harassment

    • I been debating about the draft. It starts tomorrow. I feel like I need to go tho to team up with the players. This doesn’t come as a surprise to me. But I’m willing to believe because of my love for the sport.

      2018 RPFL Draft

  4. First of all, THANK YOU ANDY!!!! I am a parent of an almost “drafted” player for the Sharks. My family, along with friends, to include a former NFL player from the Denver Broncos took one look at the contract and said it is complete nonsense. My son was to get the contract, signed and returned within the week of the “draft.” He never received it until THE NIGHT BEFORE HE WAS TO FLY TO MIAMI! As you well know, we had already had bought plane reservations round trip and a hotel. This was only one of many things we put money into to get my son there for this opportunity so to speak. After bugging Quentin and his coach for weeks about this contract, it finally arrives in his inbox the night before he was to leave. My son read it and was absolutely disgusted by the nonsense that he read. He allowed everyone else to look at it and thankfully that night he canceled his trip to go down there to Miami and told the coach he will not be coming this is definitely not for him. When we saw the contract, I got a hold of another player that was to go to Miami. I just chose him randomly from Facebook and being on the RPFL page. After I gave him your website with some information I found he was horrified to have already been on the plane on his way down to Miami. His experience was horrific. This player feels absolutely duped and he regrets ever going down. I’m not going to get into the whole story but what I am going to say, I have been wanting to do something about this because this guy is ripping off not only money from athletes but their dreams as well. If you can get back to me, and let me know what we can do to help out an investigation on this organization we will be happy to help. I will be giving the player I know about your website here so he can read all of this as well and maybe he too will put in his two cents on what he may like to do also. I am DISGUSTED in Hines and what he is doing. He needs to be stopped!

  5. Since this contract is under Ohio State law (Paragraph 9) “EVERYONE” concerned should contact the State of Ohio Attorney General (it’s a “.com” site) and file official complaints. This Quentin Hines needs to be put on notice!

    For instance on Page 1, paragraph 1 says that you are a “CONTESTANT”. This means you’ll have better luck on the Gong Show…, “NO GUARANTEES” that you’ll win “ANYTHING”, catch a pass, gain a yard or a tackle. What if you’re at 99 yards and you’re pulled out of the game?

    Secondly, the 1st page letter states that this is a “PERFORMANCE BASED CONTRACT”.

    Paragraph 10 C; your “BASE SALARY” is determined “FROM YOUR PERFORMANCE” Page 4 shows the “salary based on performance” dollar amounts.

    For instance if you only make “2 interceptions” all you get is $100.00…, NO WAIT…, you get “1/10th” of $100.00 dollars or, $10.00 dollars because that’s what is stated in 10 C. (by the way you pay taxes on the $10.00). Why do you think there are “X’s” on the “salary” line?

    So if I”m wrong please clarify for me. This contract appears to be straight TRASH.

  6. Damn shame….. My sons ticket is bought already…… I cannot beleive this mess….. Who tp contact in Detroit????????

  7. damn i wish i would of read this before i left for poniac. im just going to go and see what he is talking about. I will give yall the update tommor after camp.

    • I NEED MORE INFO ABOUT THIS LEAGUE from people who’ve actually played. How’s the 2018 season so far? (Pay, Scouts, living conditions, training camp, &etc) thinking about trying out

      • It’s a joke, whole league is scam, You will only lose money. Mr Hines is a snake, He collected all our money, owes majority of the league money. Very unprofessional lesgue, he changed the rules mid-game. I could go On for days.

  8. its really awful because the black community needs something like this. Because the NFL is filled to the rim with racism and hatred.

  9. If people knew what incentive based means you know you have to make plays to get paid, and the contract are not 301k a year it’s 301k for 4 years that why the numbers in this article not adding up, scouts do come to the games I’ve talked to them and the article is right we knew weeks before. 3 guys that I know of actually moved up one was a teammate of mines. You get your equipment money back at the end of the year, the only reason you have to pay a deposit is because players in the first year took all of the equipment. You get a nice platform to play on with great film for free. What do you want out of a league that’s only been around for 5 years?

  10. I will right away clutch your rss as I can’t find your e-mail subscription hyperlink or e-newsletter service. Do you’ve any? Please allow me know in order that I may just subscribe. Thanks.

  11. well im greatful for the acknowledgements of the foolishness.Im 6.1 265 from Little Rock Ark and im looking to play ball some were there is no BEHIND the door scam. Feel free to contact me if you know of some real ball playing im down and also have a 6.3 315 buddy who is trying to too. BigMarshall32@GMail.com Have a blessed one!

  12. Additionally, I would like to add that Hines likes to flaunt cash to draw in players. However, when the players get injured he forced the only person in charge to take wrap up their foot to charge the players PER ROLL of wrap. Yes that’s right the guy who brags about his rolls royce rental can’t even pay for tape for his staff to assist the players. If you get hurt Hines will just do his famous smile and walk away routine that he always does. Sometimes I wonder if he and his girlfriend laugh at the amount of players they have scammed at the end of the day. She must know what he does. Or maybe she gets the same smile and walk away that everyone else gets…but I’m not going to go into what I heard about Hines and his side hobbys (aside from gambling) these men are just giving their money to Hines to gamble away. I’ve got a lot more info on last season but that’s old news. I’ll update you all on this “2018 season” of scam. So far game one is already a disappointment.

  13. My son is playing for this league! He witnessed this Man Hines taking money from these boys and placing a high Bet amount on the patriots super bowl game and lost his a**. I wonder if he is claiming this as his income? Because if he is not isn’t that means of tax invasion? I hate the way he treats his players and I refuse to give this man anymore money. This league is a joke!

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  15. Thats the problem with all of you today. Y’all skim through contracts without even reading them and then when something happens, y’all are at a loss for words. Let me give you a little history on Mr. Quentin Hines. He worked hard for what he has. As a young teen, he was just like the majority of you. He was a juvenile delinquent and spent some time at Holy Cross Children’s Services: Martin Luther King house in Mt. Clemens, Mi. He ran track his senior year at Mt Clemens High School. He went on to play for the university of Akron where he played under one of his old high school coaches. He went to an NFL Combine and was signed to the New England Patriots for a 1.5 million dollar deal. Thats $1,500,000. After he was placed on the injured reserve list, he came back to Michigan to start the RPFL. It has been his dream to help people get a chance to even be looked at for the CFO and NFL. His league has only been around for 5 years. Every year is a learning experience for everyone involved. You can’t just expect some guy to just pay you money for joining his league. You gotta put In your own investment, time, and sacrifices. Hence, it is a PERFORMANCE BASED CONTRACT. Hines doesn’t know any of your from Adam. Why would he guarantee you $100k a year without even knowing how you play first. Also, there have been players from his league to get signed to the CFL so the person who wrote this article, there’s the first lie I caught you in. And for those of you who are asking if this league is real or is it a scam. Just like everything else in life, you get out of it what you put in it. Let’s be real, before you even bother to tryout, ask yourself first. Are you even good enough. if your dreams are to make it to the NFL, why not go and tryout for semi pro football. Or go join a college. If your not good enough for semi pro then maybe this league is a league you can join to help get better. Your not just paying for quality game film. Its also a learning experience and you gotta remember, nothing in this world is free. It states in the contract that you yourself are responsible for housing, meals, transportation, etc. So him taking the thermostat off the wall because he doesn’t want a bunch of strangers running up his bill is hid choice. You dont have to stay there. Go get a hotel room. The most important thing to remember from all this is that Quentin is trying the best he can to give all of the players a chance to at least get their foot in the door to get game film that could get them into the CFL and NFL. There’s no guarantees. And the reason why this is not a so called “scam” or against the law is because EVERYTHING is in the contract. So all of you can do what you want and go make complaints to the attorney general of every state but the real facts is this. The attorney general is going to laugh in you face because he’s gonna tell you the same thing I’m telling you “you signed the contract. You agreed to the terms and conditions. You should have read what you signed before you signed it. That contract is a legally bonded document and under state and even federal laws, by you signing it meant you agreed to the terms and conditions. If you don’t think the contract is fair, thats up to you to dispute between the person to whom you signed it with. But as far as the law is concerned, no laws are broken because EVERYTHING is stated in the contract” So to answer everyones questions as to whether this league is real or scam. YES it is real. Its not a scam simply because EVERYTHING is stated in the contract. Now, if Mr Hines were to do something that isn’t Stated in the contract then yes it would be considered a scam. If Quentin told you that you are guaranteed a certain amount of money no matter what and it’s not in the contract, make sure you get that in writing or on record because if he doesn’t give you the money as promised, it becomes a civil Matter and you can sue him in court. For those of you who believe you have been misled by the RPFL, taking your complaints to the attorney general will solve nothing. My advice is to take Quentin to court and sue him in court for the amount of money you lost. Your fight can be that he uses deceptive practices to defraud you. But then again, he will point to the contract. I will say this tho, if it is true about the insurance, Federal law states that all employers have to offer insurance to their employees. In addition, I advise you to speak to an attorney about each states laws in regards to professional athletes insurance because no matter what the contract states, every law overrides any contract. So if Florida law states he has to offer insurance and he didn’t, then you can sue him for the full amount in which you paid due to him failing to abide by the law and deny you insurance. In all, just read before you sign. Thats it.

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  17. It’s so sad how you put down a individual who put his own money down to get us forward. This man works extremely hard to make sure that everyone gets a open opportunity. He does not hide anything from players. I believe he is very transparent about everything that goes on from the first day of camp when we arrive. Yes housing is kinda jammed packed but where in Miami can you find housing for 420 a month. I mean that’s water, light, head over our heads and all. No where in south Florida is that heap just for two months. The experience was truly a learning experience. I grew a lot with multiple players on my miami Blaze team. This league shows you how life really is in the NFL or CFL. I’m not going to lie I didn’t make any incentive checks this season and truly that’s on me and a reapresentation on how I prepared myself for this camp. Yes the stats are hard but no one will even look at you if your bellow the stats. So I give all props to Coach Hines and want to thank him for even giving me this opportunity!

    • Shut the hell up you probably sucked and Quentin doesn’t value your type of players. I played for this league and your game film is not a priority for him.

  18. This league is a scam. You pay almost $1000 before you even play a first game. He’s charged you 105 every Monday for housing and if you do t have it he’s threatens you and kicks you out. Players barely get paid, if you do it’s $100. No insurance , no food provided except for the first day of training camp where he brought FRIED chicken and potatoes salad from Walmart and cheap Little Caesar’s pizza ? We are suppose to be pro athletes but that’s what we are being feed. I lost so much time, money and energy playing in this league. I got hurt and never saw a doctor, We have a fake trainer that didn’t even know about injuries or how to treat them, All he does is smoke weed all day and bark orders at players like he’s a coach. The league struggle to play full games because we didn’t have lineman and by the time the season ended %75 of the players quit and went home.


  19. You are so right my son got scammed. Not only did Mr Hines lie about paying them he lied about them not having to pay for their housing. He made them pay 130 per week forty kids to a house paying 130 a week or he would send them home if they didn’t have it even if they had made the team.He also took the thermostats out of the house so they could not use the acc. He lied and stated in paperwork that if you made the top player on the team that you would not have to pay unless your criminal record came back bad which you had to pay for. His lying is really unacceptable preying on young kids/adults who are in love with the sport.

  20. Quintin Hines has not given any player their $150 deposit after returning their equipment. A lawsuit will be filed against him if he doesn’t figure out how to return their money.

  21. I coached the Red Wolves this past Feb – March. We went undefeated and won the Championship. Other than the great players I coached and the bond we had and the film they get, that’s all that’s real about this league. Hines is a fraud. He didn’t pay my coaches or me, he actually bounced our checks. He didn’t return players equipment deposits at the end either. Plus the Ahole took back our trophy. He rigs the stats to rob the players. He chases players for money and provides very little. Do not go to his league unless you can afford your own place for the 6 weeks. Plus have all his other fees too. Don’t waste your time. He also helped nobody either. My staff and I were able to place guys in Europe and Arena teams. So he doesn’t even do that. Stay away. Go try the Minor Football League. 25 yrs and 32 teams.

  22. My son is coming back today from this bullshit League. When he got there he needed $200 for an equipment deposit. $100 for a jersey before he got there. When they got to the house in Michigan they had no hot water for showers for about a week. Which is ridiculous!! He charges them $105 a week stating that if they run a certain amount of yards there rent is covered. But how this guy run his system is to not let players be able to make their yards so they have to pay. And if you don’t he’ll kick you out in a heartbeat!! Mr Hines came to the house that my son was staying yesterday and told the guys everyone needed rent before practice or they had to go. Being that he had just collected rent 3 day’s before that was ridiculous!! My son told him he would be leaving the house and when will he receive his deposit for his equipment. They told him it would be mailed. But then Mr Hines in turn brought a $75 check to the house and told him he still owed him rent and I’m assuming he made him pay a late fee as well cuz $105 out of 200 is not $75. This man is robbing these players blind!! I am definitely going to look into this more to try to stop this man from scamming people out of there money. Nobody attends their games. He makes it seem like he’s here for the player’s, but it’s all about him and money that he is basically stealing from these kids. With 10 guys in the house my son was in at $105 a week!!! Outrageous!!! He could be helping these players istead of robbing them blind!! Beware of this league!!!!!

  23. This league is nothing but a hustle and scam to put money in Hines pockets. I was a player in the Michigan league for 2018 and I was kicked out of the league for holding Hines accountable for what comes out of his arrogant mouth! He called it disrespectful and a having a poor attitude and he doesn’t want to deal with it. I asked him several times did I violate any terms of the contract is that the reason you’re kicking me out or do you have personal issues with me and he clearly stated everytime that he doesn’t like my attitude and demeanor. Sounds personal. He is literally breaking the law. The contract states it will be a 10 week season and he shortened the season to 4 weeks and dissolved 2 of the 4 teams because it wouldn’t be financially beneficial for him. Sounds like a hustle..not one scout came to any games from any levels. He doesn’t keep his word on anything and all he does is heckle and harass players about money. The facilities where practice and games are held are in terrible condition. Locker room ceilings leak water and smell of mold and mildew. Everything is unprofessional. There are barely coaches or enough players to fill teams which is why he dissolved 2 of the 4 teams. He’s a con artist and I hear he has a gambling problem. If you don’t submit to his bs or if you check him on his lies he will kick you out the league quicker than you got there. Please if you read this file complaints with the District Attorneys office in Michigan, Ohio, and Florida. He is a fraud, the league is a fraud and he is scamming players out their money. And to all the previous post defending him and this league just STOP. You sound foolish and you are just as blind as he wants you to be. I am not a player that is an average or below average. I am very talented at my position and have earned incentives that were in the contract. My film is very good for 3 that were actually played. This 4th game coming up this Friday June 15th 2018 is the championship game and the last game of the season. That right there is fraud if the contract states there will be 10 weeks to earn incentives. Please all future potential players reading this do not participate in the RPFL in any way. It is a scam. Even though I knew the contract was complete garbage and unrealistic I approached this league with the juco mindset that I’m hear for the film and to leave I’m not expecting to get paid. And even with that mindset you still get hustled and scammed. So just stay away. Hines is a con artist, I have a bachelors degree in business law and this league is vulnerable for a lawsuit in so many ways if approached the right way. So to all that have been scammed already keep ya heads up and don’t let it be your down fall it’s ok his is coming and he will pay!

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