April 22, 2019

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Saints beat the Packers, 26-17


New Orleans Saints got off to a rough start on Sunday against my Green Bay Packers. This was a surprise to me as with Rodgers out I thought it might be a run away for the Saints.

On the opening drive the Saints advanced to the Green Bay 20, then Brees threw an interception in the end zone. On the next possession the Saints were on the Green Bay 36, and Brees threw another pick. Brees later stated the turnovers were” poor throws “and that he had good matchups, but didn’t execute, (hmm. We might have a chance here I thought). But not so fast! Suddenly the saints gained momentum and Brees started hitting his targets and took advantage of Green Bay errors later in the game resulting in a 26-17 win, and with the Falcon loss placing the Saints on top of the NFC South.

Brees said. “Disappointing start, and yet we hung tough and knew that we were going to have our opportunities.”

New Orleans had 38 passes, and 161 rushing yards on a 4.5-yard average.

“You got to bounce back when that stuff happens, and it just shows a lot about our confidence and our belief as a team. I do box jumps every Monday and visualize that when I’m doing them,” Brees said of the leaping quarterback sneak that resulted in a touchdown. “There you go. That’s a little visual into my training regimen for leaps like that.”

I have said all along to Saints fans not to panic. The Saints are well on the way to the playoffs, and I didn’t have to sleep on the couch………