March 23, 2019

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Southern Crushes Alabama A&M in Homecoming Game

Southern University came, they saw and they conquered in today’s Battle on the Bluff against the Alabama A&M Bulldogs! If you weren’t present to see this game, that’s your loss. Today’s kickoff was moved up to 1pm due to weather restrictions but thousands still gathered on the yard to tailgate, hear the Human Jukebox and of course cheer the Jaguars on to a 35-14 victory!

Senior, Austin Howard returned today as the Jags’ starting quarterback after suffering an injury in his last game. Howard came back in full force and helped lead the team to a much awaited victory. Spencer Corey’s kickoff of 51 yards was returned by Jamar Washington for 31 yards to Southern’s 45-yard line. Following, Herbert Edwards ran the ball a few times for the Jags but didn’t get far. The Ball was turned over with 11:14 left on the clock in the first quarter, giving the Bulldogs their first possession of the game. Defensive end, Aaron Tiller put the pressure on the Bulldogs’ quarterback, which resulted in the Jaguars regaining possession. The Jaguars now had the ball on the 40-yard line. Then, Herbert Edwards ran the ball for 6 yards. Austin Howard had a pass completed to wide receiver Daelon Richardson for 6 yards to the 50-yard line for a first down. Shortly after, Austin Howard completed an exceptional pass received by Dillon Beard for 37 yards putting the Jaguars in the perfect position to score. Jaguars’ Herbert Edwards ran for 13 yards; TOUCHDOWN JAGUARS! This was Edwards first touchdown run of the season and put the Jags on the board first with 7-0. With 2:38 left on the clock in the first quarter and 3rd down and 6 to go, the Jaguars took a time out. Cesar Barajas then attempted a 45-yard field goal but it was no good. What a way to get the game started, Jaguars 7 Bulldogs 0.

The Alabama Bulldogs start the second quarter off with the ball. Defensive back, Danny Johnson broke up a pass headed to Monte Jones from Damion May. The Jaguars did a quarterback switch entering John Lampley in the game. Lampley completed a pass to Cameron Mackey for 12 yards giving Southern a 1st down and placing them on their 46-yard line. Southern then suffered a penalty. John Lampley had a sweet pass completed up the middle with Jamar Washington on the reception. Offensive holding was called on the Jaguars! Quarterback, John Lampley maneuvered through the Bulldogs defense for a 14-yard run up the middle. However, the Jaguars turned the ball over. With 5:27 on the clock, Austin Howard shot a 37-yard pass to Danny Johnson for his first career touchdown giving the Jags their second touchdown today. Southern Jaguars were up 14-0! Unfortunately, linebacker Jordan Bennett got ejected out of the game for a personal foul against the Bulldogs. With less than two minutes left in the quarter, Alabama received the ball. However, Southern’s defense did a great job at breaking up passes and regained possession. Before the Human JukeBox hit the field, the Jaguars let the clock run out finishing the half 14-0.

Third Quarter, Jaguars kicked the ball off to the Alabama Bulldogs. Kentavius Preston made an expressive sack to Aqeel Glass. The Jaguars now had the ball when Austin Howard completed a pass to Jamarqueza Mims for 7 yards. Howard was sacked by Averee Giles. Jags then punted the ball off. Bulldogs got the ball and Jamar Mitchell intercepted a pass but the Jags received a penalty. With 8:43 on the clock, Herbert Edwards ran 2 yards up the middle. Touchdown Jags, Southern 21 and Bulldogs 0! Alabama continued to fight to put points on the board and did just that when Trevon Walters scored their first touchdown, putting them up on the board 21-7. Closing the third quarter, the Jags still held their lead but by less than before 21 Southern and 7 Bulldogs.

In the final quarter of today’s Battle on the Bluff, Austin Howard completed a pass to Kendall Catalon with 10:51 left in the quarter for 11 yards; Touchdown Jaguars. Jaguars up 28-7! However, the Alabama Bulldogs added more points to the board when Damion May passed the ball to Isaiah Bailey for 35 yards. This was their final touchdown in today’s game. The cherry on top to Southern’s game was Danny Johnson’s interception from the Bulldogs for a 57-yard touchdown allowing the Jaguars to close out the game 14-35.

Southern played an exception game today, making the Jag Nation proud and ultimately winning their homecoming game against the Alabama A&M Bulldogs 35-14! Austin Howards went 17-of-27 passing and he threw for over 195 yards. Herbert Edwards lead the Jaguars in rushing yards with 23 carries, 120 yards and 2 touchdowns. Kendall Catalon had 5 receptions, 50 yards and 1 touchdown as well. Way to go Jaguars!