December 19, 2018

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Southern Jaguars Claw Out the Fort Valley Wildcats 31-14

Today on the Bluff, the Southern Jaguars squared off against Fort Valley State in A.W. Mumford Stadium. After being on the road for the past three weeks, the Jag Nation came fully amped to cheer the Jaguars on after patiently waiting to have another home game. Not only were the fans prepared but the Southern Jaguars came to put up a fight tonight!

Things couldn’t have begun much better for Southern, who scored two touchdowns in their first five plays with the ball. The Southern Jaguars wasted no time as wide receiver, Cameron Mackey kicked things off on their third play from scrimmage 62-yards on a reverse outrunning the Wildcats’ defense for the first touchdown of the game. Shortly after, Danny Johnson added fuel to the fire when he went back for a punt, shed a tackle and bypassed Fort Valley’s coverage giving the Jaguars their second touchdown on the board, with 12:14 left to play in the 1st quarter. The game was less than 3 minutes in and the Jags held the lead! Defensive line, CeaJae Bryant forced a fumble loose from Jamari Clark which was recovered by defensive back Montavius Gaines. Unfortunately, the Jaguars gave up a touchdown to a 42-yard run by Lorenzo Smothers and closed out the first quarter of the game with 21-7.

For the second quarter madness, the Jaguars allowed Slade Jarman from the Fort Valley State Wildcats to bypass them giving the Wildcats their second touchdown. At this moment, the Jaguars had a smaller lead than before with the score now 21-14 with 9:38 left in the quarter. Let’s go Jags! The Jaguars and the Wildcats both did an outstanding job by not allowing anymore points to get on the board in this second quarter. By the end of the half, the Jaguars still held the lead with 21 to 14.

Throughout the third quarter, the Jags and Wildcats continued to keep the scoring at a standstill!

John Lampley pushed the Jaguars to a bigger lead in the fourth quarter with his 26-yard run for a touchdown and the Jags’ defense managed to hold the Wildcats until the end of the 4th quarter. The Jaguars played and amazing game tonight and pulled off the WIN finishing the game with 31 points and holding the Wildcats to 14 points. This game broke a three-game losing streak for Southern, which wrapped up its nonconference schedule Saturday.

The Jaguars resume their Southwestern Athletic Conference play with its Homecoming game this upcoming Saturday, October 7 against Alabama A&M. Let’s keep it going Jags!