July 23, 2019

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Southern Jaguars Devastate University of Arkansas- Pine Bluff: 56-24

Defending A.W. Mumford Stadium for the last home game of this season, the Southern University Jaguars dominated the University of Arkansas- Pine Bluff Golden Tigers on both offense and defense. To open the matchup the, the first pass of the game was intercepted by senior defensive back Tim Thompson advancing the SU offense toward the end zone. Sophomore quarterback Ladarius Skelton connected with junior Jarmarqueza Mims for a five-yard run to score a touchdown. To follow was a fumble on the punt return by the SU defense forced by Benjamin Harris, recovered by Jordan Lewis. Quarterback Ladarius Skelton’s pass connected for 28 yards to Randall Menard for a touchdown, giving the Jags an early 14-0 lead with only 11:47 remaining in the 1st quarter. The UAPB Golden Tigers answered the competition with a touchdown to Dejuan Miller, but a failed two-point conversion deflated their momentum. Finishing the first quarter with a 57-yard touchdown from Skelton to Randal Menard, the Jags had established a strong advantage.

A touchdown from Ladarius Skelton to Hunter Register for a 45-yard touchdown hiked the Jags to a 28-6 lead at the start of the second quarter. Still attempting a comeback, UAPB was able to move the ball down the field 60 yards but was held to a field goal by the strong Southern defense. Ladarius Skelton’s pass completed to Jeremias Houston for a 73-yard run helped Devon Benn’s touchdown score. Leading 35-9, the Southern Univesity offense gained another touchdown from Ladarius Skelton to Trey Smith driving the Jaguars to a 42-9 lead at the half.

With a quarterback change to open the second half, sophomore John Lampley joint a 20-yard pass to Kendall Catalon, completing the 78-yard play with a touchdown. Countering the Jags, the Golden Lions scored only two more touchdowns which were no competition to the additional touchdown run by Chris Chaney for 43 yards. Finishing the game with a score of 56-24, the Southern University Jaguars will be preparing for next week’s 45th annual Bayou Classic meet up in New Orleans against the Grambling State Tigers. This competition will determine who comes out of the SWAC West to compete against the winner of the Soul Bowl. Currently, the Grambling State Tigers have a three-game win streak over the Southern University Jaguars, but this year’s strong team from Southern is looking to correct the past losses with an overwhelming win.