December 6, 2019

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Today two great Louisiana football teams faced off to earn the right to play in the SWAC Championship, Southern University and Grambling State. New Orleans was buzzing with energy and an unrivaled fandom from both schools and all their fans. The stadium was packed, both bands were present, and both teams ready to hit the field. Grambling won the toss and then the fight began.

            The Tigers scored early in the first quarter of the game with De’Vante Davis was able to catch a pass from Hickbottom to put the first numbers on the board. The Jaguars were struggling to find themselves early in the game as offense was being held and defense was unable to stop Grambling’s offense. The Jaguars sped up their offense which appeared to be successful as Skelton helped obtain a first down and Southern approached the end zone. With the Tigers defense applying heavy pressure on the Jaguars, they went for a 19-yard field goal attempt by Barajas which was successful. This left the score at 7-3, Grambling State. 

            Grambling’s C.J. Russell made an appearance as he had a great 27-yard run that put his team on the board for a second time. Then Southern managed to fumble the kickoff and it was recovered by Kash Foley placing the Tigers on Southern’s 24-yard line. Grambling seemed to start to really utilize their run game at this point as Keilon Elder makes his way closer and closer to that end zone. He scores the third touchdown for Grambling with a 1-yard run making the score 21-3. Skelton was able to take his team down field and find Hunter Register in the end zone for a 4-yard touchdown firing back at the Tigers. The Jaguars clearly start to find their rhythm offensively as they had back to back touchdowns thanks to Skelton and Jared Sims, with a score of 21-17.

            The Jaguars continued to hold as the momentum as the offense had clearly come to life and was giving Grambling’s defense a run for their money. Although his skill would have been great for the Jaguars’ offense earlier the game Devon Benn came in and fired up his team as he made sure his presence was felt. Skelton was able to find Register for a second time and he snatched another touchdown as well the first lead for Southern. The score was now 24-21 and neither team seemed to be giving up but there was a clear momentum shift in the game. With three touchdowns in a row the Tigers needed something to go their way to help take that energy back from Southern. Luckily, Hickbottom took charge and scored a 3-yard touchdown as he ran into the end zone with ease. This excitement was short-lived as Sims had his way with the Tigers defense and scored off a 36-yard run making the score 30-28. There was almost a pick by Davin Cotton but it was dropped which would have been huge. Grambling continues to struggle as Hickbottom got sacked and then Mendez’s attempt at a field goal was no good. This would have given the Tigers the lead but instead their inability to perform at this crucial moment appeared to fuel the Jaguars even more. The clock ran down and put pressure on the Tigers to score with the game slipping away they are forced to rely on a field goal to steal the game. It is blocked and the Southern University Jaguars win the game!

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