February 19, 2019

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The Green Wave takes on Army Black Knights: FINALE

So, did the match-up between the Wave and the Knights fulfill our expectations?
I will start off with the results of our twitter poll.
78% voted for The Wave; 22% went for the Knights!

On the first play of the game, Dontrell Hilliard went 75 yards up the middle for an early touchdown! 14:49 remained in the first after that exciting first play. Hilliard had 4 carries for 83 yards and a touchdown. Quarterback Jonathan Banks completed 5 of 6 passes for 52 yards. Army did not put up any points in the first.

With 13:29 left in the second, Army kicked a 46-yard field goal making the score 7-3. Knight’s running back Andy Davidson rushed for 4 yards and a touchdown bringing the score to 7-10. Tulane responded with a 76-yard touchdown by Sherman Badie and the good extra point by Merek Glover. The Green Wave secured the lead once again. The final score going into halftime was 14-10.

In the third, defense on both teams was focused and stern not allowing their opponent to put up any points. Before the conclusion of this quarter, the Wave’s Donnie Lewis Jr. intercepted the ball in the end zone ending an Army 65-yard drive. What a play!

Army brought the score to 14-17 with a 5-yard touchdown and changed the dynamic of the game with 5:32 remaining in the fourth. Not so fast though, Jonathan Banks responded with a 4-yard touchdown with just 0:23 remaining on the clock bringing the score to 21-17. The players kept playing. The last play of the game was an incredible deep pass interception by Tulane cornerback Parry Nickerson.

Coach Fritz stated, “I thought our defense really played well throughout the ballgame, but we just got worn down. They do that to you. They run the clock. I think they almost had us 2-1 on time of possession. We had a couple of big runs, but otherwise I thought our run game was pretty average”.

22% of you all thought Army would win, right? Well, Tulane saw that and thought, “not in my house”. The Green Wave’s energy was indescribable; you would have had to be watching to understand. This was an impactful game filled with big stops, long runs, and forced punts. The momentum remained steady as these two teams battled it out. Game 4 is in the books and Coach Willie Fritz is just one win away from 200 for his career!


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