January 20, 2019

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The New Orleans Saints defeat the Detroit Lions 52-38

Earlier in the season I told y’all not to panic and to give the team a chance to settle in. It’s looking like I was right as the New Orleans Saints just won another one defeating the Detroit Lions 52-38  at home in a nail bitter game and suddenly they are on a three-game winning streak which put the Saints above .500, a feat which hasn’t occurred since the 2013 season.

It looked like it was going to be a blow out when they led the Lions 45-10 in the third quarter, but the Lyons suddenly found momentum and scored four touchdowns including a 74-yard punt return by Jamal Agnew. We have all seen this before…. so we held our breaths!

Thankfully due to skill or divine intervention the Saints were able to hold on with a 67-yard punt that put the Lions at their own 1-yard line with 5:11 left in the game.  In the end New Orleans  sealed the deal when Vaccaro intercepted a Stafford pass that ended the Lions’ final threat.

The Saints’ defense created with five turnovers, three of which resulted in touchdowns.

The Saints will play my Packers at Green Bay next Sunday but with the loss of  Aaron Rodgers to a broken right collarbone I don’t think I will need to look for a couch as the wife will be happy.

The NFC South is getting interesting as all four teams now have two losses.

Geaux Saints !