February 19, 2019

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Tulane Green Wave takes on Army Black Knights: Part 3

Who are some key players on the Knights’ team that the Wave should beware of?

Senior quarterback Ahmad Bradshaw: in 3 games Bradshaw has completed 53 carries for a net of 374 yard and a total of 3 touchdowns. Ahmad’s longest pass play is 71 yards.

Junior runningback Darnell Woolfork: in 3 games Woolfork has completed 46 carries for a net of 260 yards and a total of 4 touchdowns. Darnell’s longest pass play is 39 yards.

Sophomore runningback Kell Walker: in 2 games Walker has completed 13 carries for a net of 98 yards. Kell’s longest pass play is 25 yards.

Junior runningback Andy Davidson: in 3 games Davidson has completed 13 carries for a net of 77 yards and one touchdown. Andy’s longest pass play is 37 yards.

Junior runningback Calen Holt: in 3 games Holt has completed 11 carries for a net of 72 yards. Calen’s longest pass play is 30 yards.

For the team in general:

Army is averaging 30.67 points per game. Currently, the Knight’s passing yardage average per game is 12 and their rushing yardage average per game is 364.7. Clearly this is a running team! Army is also one of the few teams that utilizes the triple option out of the pistol.

Again, these players and stats are just to name a few. Who should be more concerned, Army or Tulane? Our twitter poll is still rolling! (take a look below) Remember to follow us (@LaGridFootball) and cast your vote. I will reveal the final results on Saturday along with the conclusion of the game. Who will win the matchup between the Wave and the Knights?


The Wave is way ahead, will it remain this way? Is this a foreshadow of what’s to come on Saturday?


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