June 3, 2020

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Zachary vs Denham Springs

    In the start of this 1st quarter Denham Springs scored twice within the first 5 minutes. Zachary quickly responded when  Senior, Cornerback, Sean Burrell(17) turned the kick off return into a touchdown for the Broncos. Within this first 8 minutes of this ball game, this truly was going to be “The Battle of the District 4-5A.” One thing this Zachary football team has is speed, in every way. That exact speed is what help the Broncos take the 14-13 lead late in the 1st quarter over the Yellow Jackets. In the beginning of this 2nd quarter it was  interception for interception. With the first play of the 2nd quarter Senior, Cornerback, Caleb Knighthen(22) intercepts the Yellow Jackets 1st play to get the ball back for the Broncos . Only for the Yellow Jackets Linebacker, Davion Nassri(2) to return the favor and get the ball back for them. As the 2nd quarter winded down the Bronco’s began to pull away leading at half time 35-13.

    As we headed into the 2nd half,  Zachary continued to pull away creating more depth on the scoreboard. The Broncos offense was hard to extinguish, they glided up and down the field score after score. Their defense was even more impeccable, making the necessary stops to get their offense back onto the field as much as possible. Although, Denham springs trailed that did not stop their offense or defense from playing every snap like it was their last. The Yellow Jackets were still able to move the ball, while the defense was able to hold the Broncos on some drives. The Yellow Jackets were still able to keep a drive alive to rally their final touchdown of the game with under a minute left. The Final for Zachary at Denham Spring High was 62-20.