May 30, 2020

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A Look Into the Future: Jennings Bulldogs


This year at LGF, we will be taking a look at the senior class of some Louisiana high schools and taking a look at their potential to play at the next level. Categories for each position are measured on a 1-10 scale, with 10 being well above average and 1 being well below average. We continue with the senior class of the Jennings Bulldogs.


Malik Joseph LB 6-1 184lbs


Good tackler. Built more like a safety than linebacker. Moves well and is able to recognize plays quickly. Also plays tight end and is a hybrid mismatch for linebackers and safeties. Lines up on the DL occasionally. Versatile. Future Outlook: D2 safety/WR

Tyrik Sonnier RB 5-10 156lbs


Tough, downhill runner. Good vision and balance when running. Decent speed. His best runs seem to be the outside zone where he can make one cut and get downhill. Will need to get stronger to break more tackles and to help in pass blocking. Future Outlook: D2 RB

Bryce Anthony WR/CB 5-11 160lbs


Very good speed. Good hands. Usually runs quick screens or “GO’ routes. When on defense, he is a sure tackler and isn’t afraid to help in the run game. Technique needs work but speed makes up for some of it. Think he would be a better safety. Future Outlook: FCS/D1 WR

Gavin McZeal DE 6-0 200lbs


Good against the run and pass. Sets the edge in the run game and is able to turn the corner against OT’s when pass rushing. OK speed. Will need to get stronger and learn to use his hands when defeating blocks. Future Outlook: D3 DE

Keuante Riggs CB/WR 5-8 153lbs


Has good speed and usually plays off coverage to read and react to plays. Decent tackler for his size. Good returner on special teams. Probably will have to play slot corner but does not get dominated by bigger receivers. Future Outlook: D2 CB/RS

Brennan Levi DL 5-10 240lbs


Needs to be stronger to take on double teams and to win one on one battles. Doesn’t explode off the ball or make a lot of plays in the backfield but does hustle to the whistle. Future Outlook: D3 DL

Zaibrum Grimes DL 6-2 265lbs


Run-stuffing DT. Uses size the strength to take on double teams an to clog running lanes. Pass rushing technique needs work. Future Outlook: D3 DL

Peyton Trahan G 6-0 264lbs


Big, strong kid. Lines up at Guard and the team likes to run behind him. Not the best athlete but he could end up being a mauler in the run game. Pass pro techniques need work, especially in one on one situations. Future Outlook: D2/D3 OL

Keigan Clement DL 5-11 365lbs


Strong and agile. Constantly wins his one on one battles. Uses his hands well to control blockers. Collapses the pocket by bull rushing and moves the QB off of his spot. Very good against the run. Future Outlook: FCS/D2 DL

Michael Bryant CB/S 5-9 160lbs


Plays bigger than his size. Plays like a safety with the coverage skills of a CB. Can be used almost anywhere on the defense. Good speed and play recognition. Future Outlook: D1/FCS/D2 CB