June 3, 2020

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Battle in the Athletic American Conference West: Tulane vs SMU

  Coming into this game, Tulane was ranked 3rd in the West Athletic American Conference. This was easily the rematch of the season. Last year, this exact game was the reason why Tulane was unable to go to compete in a bowl game. Early in this 1st quarter the Green Waves defenses forces SMU offense 3 and out. Senior, Cornerback, Donnie Lewis Jr(1) ended the Mustang’s drive when they were 3rd and 8. This start set the tone, and allowed Tulane’s  offense to get back on the field. Tulane’s defense rushes SMU offense for a loss of 14 yards, which resulted in a safety putting the Green Waves up early. Which was the 2nd safety the Green Waves defense recorded this season.

  Despite, the 30 minute delay that did not slow down Tulane’s offense. Within seconds of the 2nd quarter, Running back, Darius Bradwell(10) scored the Green Waves 1st touchdown of the game. As SMU took the field again try and move down the field Sophomore, Safety, Chase Kuerschen(36) and Senior, Safety, Roderick Teamer Jr(2) quickly put a end to that, breaking up passes on multiple plays.

   As Tulane began the 2nd half of this game, the defense continued to apply pressure giving this Mustang offense little to no wiggle room to move up the field. Not shortly after Senior, Cornerback, Donnie Lewis(1) intercepts Mustang’s pass, that resulted in a 49 yard touchdown. This was Lewis 3rd interception this season, and 1st touchdown of the season. This Green Wave defense has been dominating and devastating the Mustang’s from sacks, to breaking up passes, and applying pressure from all angles. The Green Waves defense applied so much pressure that made the Mustang’s false start twice back to back, which lead to another 3 and out. Quarterback, Jonathan Banks(1) keeps the momentum going for the Green Waves, scoring another touchdown early in the 4th quarter. Banks was on fire, when put under pressure he made the plays needed to move the ball down the field for Tulane offense. This quarter definitely test their ability as a team overall, because a lot was at stake for both teams. The bar was set, and Tulane began to surpass that standard. Great efforts by this Tulane Football team as a whole. The Final here at Yulman Stadium was SMU 27, Tulane 23 .