April 9, 2020

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After a historic season in which the LSU quarterback has seemingly broken every passing record in the school’s history. He now travels to New York to collect the most prestigious award in all of college history.

Burrow continues setting records even off the field, as his percentage for first place votes was 90.7 overall. The previous record was held by former Ohio State quarterback Troy Smith with 86.7 percent.

Burrow also claimed the largest margin of victory, collecting 1,846 points more points than Jalen Hurts who had 762 points for the Heisman. The previous record held was by O.J. Simpson with 1,750 margin of victory points in 1968

The LSU quarterback did not stop with just that, he also set the highest possible percentage of points by collecting 93.8 percent of the vote. The previous record, Troy Smith in 2006.

Burrow also became the highest percent of ballots received with 95.5 percent. The previous record was held by Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota in 2014