May 29, 2020

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Denham Springs vs. St. Amant

What a battle! The Denham Springs Yellow Jackets and The St. Amant Gators came to play Friday night. The low scoring affair began with a Gators touchdown on the opening drive, the extra point would go onto to be blocked, which became a big factor later in the game. The Gators established the run early and were successful with it throughout the game. The two teams traded three and outs for their next drives. Both teams run a spread offense and a 3-4 defense. Offensively they had very different philosophies, while Denham had success through the air, they could not run the ball on the St. Amant defense. St. Amant could not pass the ball, Denham consistently had pressure and bubble screens seemed to be the only thing working through the air. On Denham’s ensuing drive, they drive the ball down the field to the Gators 14-yard line, Denham then drops two touchdown passes and they are forced to kick it, which is good. St. Amant then gets the ball, with only a few minutes left in the half. They march down the field running the same counter play four times, and two bubble screens. With nine seconds left in the half the Gators score to take a 13-3 lead.

Denham receives the ball in the second half and the drive is botched by penalties. The kickoff return which gets taken to midfield is called back by penalties, they then had a 40 yard pass negated by an offensive pass interference, they go three and out. The Gators gain possession and proceed to drive the ball into Yellow Jacket territory before turning it over on downs. Denham keeps trying to establish the run without success, and proceeds to also turn the ball over on downs wasting good field position. St. Amant does what they do best and runs the ball down to the Denham 30-yard line, but on 4th and 15 they elect to punt, which puts Denham back to their 15-yard line. Denham gets the ball and proceed to pass the ball all over the field, and with the help of a defensive pass interference they get to the St. Amant 25-yard line. On a 4th and 10 they pass the pass the ball and score, to make it 13-10 with 10 minutes left in the game. Another big kick return happens, this time for the Gators, but it is also called back due to a penalty. They had a 20-yard run, but their drive was derailed by a dropped pass. On Denham’s next drive, they have a 78-yard passing touchdown to take a 17-13 lead on the first play. With 8 minutes left to play St. Amant runs the counter like they have been the whole game and are having success with it. They then break a 30-yard pass to put them at the Denham 27 yard line. On 4th and one, Denham encroaches and gives the Gators a first down. A couple counters later and the Gators are at the eight yard line, looking to score. St. Amant then had a dropped touchdown to put them at 4th and six from the eight, with three minutes left in the game. St. Amant throw an interception in the endzone. Denham ices the game with a few first downs to end the game 17-13.