July 23, 2019

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Diamond in the Rough: Austyn Benoit

Former Welsh’s quarterback, defensive back, wide receiver, and running back, Austyn Benoit, is a player who knows his way around the field on both sides of the ball. Austyn told me that one of his strengths is his versatility. “I’ve played many positions on the field in high school”. During his sophomore and junior years, he was a wide receiver and a defensive back. During the state championship game his junior year, he lined up in the running back position. For his senior season, he served as the team’s quarterback. His versatility can make him a key piece of the game puzzle for any team. Austyn’s ability to play multiple positions can add more variety to a team. Utility players are definitely a coach’s favorite. 

Playing football can teach you more than just X’s and O’s. Austyn believes that football has given him the opportunity to connect with a variety of people, as well as, how to work with others toward a common goal. Austyn’s ability to work with people to achieve a common goal is a trait he will be able to use long after his playing days are over. Austyn is a dependable and committed player who is willing to give 100% every time he’s on the field. Austyn is an experienced player. He’s seen both sides of the ball at various positions. He is definitely a “plug in” type of player. By that I mean, a coach can plug him in anywhere on the field and he will be able to perform to his utmost ability at that position because he has probably played that position before. Austyn, in my opinion, is a great athlete for the sheer fact that he can be utilized at more than one position. Having guys like that on a team, creates a greater chance of success down the road