June 1, 2020

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Diamond in the Rough: Blake Williams, McKinley High School

Blake is an underrated prospect from a talent deep school for the 2018 class. Blake is a 6’1”, 270 lbs defensive lineman. He has been working out with former New Orleans Super Bowl Champion and LSU National Champion defensive tackle Marlon Favorite this season. “Blake is hard working with great technique. He can make something out of nothing,” said Favorite, “Blake reminds me of my former teammate, Glen Dorsey.”

Blake is an aggressive defensive lineman that will excel at the next level.


Check out his HUDL film:



Bench: 250 lb

Squat: 400 lb

ACT: 19

GPA: 3.1


When did you start playing football?

I started when I was about six years old maybe five. I played for the south Baton Rouge rams. I played for coach Johnny Wright for my pee wee football.  My pee wee junior year with BREC year I sat out, and then the next year I came back and played for the Scotlandville Hornets.


Why do you play football? What do you love about the game?

My mom’s side of the family is all athletes, I mean track, basketball, etc. My mom made me play one year of football, and I didn’t like it at first.  But every year after that, I have loved the game. It’s really the only thing that I love other than family. I went to Scotlandville High at first, but then I transferred to McKinley. The atmosphere there is amazing. The band, fans, and atmosphere on Friday night is the best anywhere in my opinion. (It doesn’t even matter if we are winning or losing). Our coaches are good, they are looking to see us do good in the world. They teach us how to start, finish, do better and how to grind. No matter how we are doing, we are a brotherhood and they really support that.


How did your season go?

For me personally, it was the best one that I have had so far. My vision, agility, hand use, speed and strength were way better than they have ever been.  Despite all the losing this season, I kept fighting and playing hard to the end.


What was one thing you worked on this season?

Using my hands more is something I worked on. Working with Marlon Favorite, I learned that using my hands is going to help me be more of a threat on the field.  It really was key to why I was so successful this season.


What is one area of the game do you think you excel at?

Run stopping. Marlon taught me how to use my hands, extending to see the runner and see if they are coming my way or not. I’m a natural defensive tackle, but I can go outside and contain (run stopping) also.


Why do you want to go to college?

Really, just want to go and play football and get an education. I want to keep moving forward. I could play football for the rest of my life.


If you get the opportunity to play college ball, what is one thing you hope to accomplish?

Just being able to go to college, and show people who told me I couldn’t do it, that they were wrong.  People that talked down to me and told me that I couldn’t go farther.  Some people tell me that I’m not that good, that I’m a waste of talent, etc., but if I go to college I will show them just how wrong they were.  They only make me want to play harder and show them how successful I can be. I mean, I played varsity as a freshman and that made some people mad, but it only makes me want to play harder and be more aggressive. I try to make a statement every down I play.


Why do you love football?

For the love of the game. Football has always been my life, always will be. I love everything. I love when you make a big play and get to celebrate, and when the band plays and the fans get excited. There is just nothing else that can top that feeling when people can’t stop me.  I love that you get to use your aggression on the field.


What kind of player are you?

I bring a lot of energy to the field and excitement, especially when I get a sac.



Blake’s Twitter Handle:  @cuarenta_isla




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